The 2020 Memphis Comic Expo Cosplay Contest will focus on craftsmanship, so show us what you can do!

Stay tuned for updates!

Costume Contest Categories
Adult 18 & up
Youth 13-17
Kids 12 and Under
Best Prop
Best Wig/Make-Up


Costume Contest Rules
  • All contestants must have made or significantly altered at least 70% of their costume. Store bought or commissioned costumes will not be eligible for a prize.
  • Children 12 and under are not required to make the majority of their costume, but if they assisted in its construction, that information should be presented at the time of pre-judging
  • All contestants must be a registered attendee of Memphis Comic Expo.
  • Any genre of costume is welcome. Although it is Memphis Comic Expo, not all costumes must come from comic book sources.
  • All entrants are asked to bring the following:
    1. A completed cosplay contest entry form. If entering as a group, all members names must be listed.
    2. A reference picture of the character being portrayed, preferably a color print. Hand drawn images will not be accepted unless the costume is an original design. A reference image is required for the judges to properly score entries. Do not assume that the judges will know all characters being presented.
    3. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times during pre-judging and the stage presentation.
  • No skits allowed due to time restrictions.
  • No costume is no costume. Please remember that Memphis Comic Expo is a family friendly convention, and all costumes should reflect that. Any costume with less coverage than a bikini will not be allowed to compete. If you have a question about your costume’s eligibility, please email with photos of the costume at least 10 days prior to the show for approval.
  • No real weapons will be allowed in the competition or inside Memphis Comic Expo. Any prop gun that has the ability to fire cannot be loaded or fired during the presentation or inside Memphis Comic Expo. If a sword is carried, it must stay sheathed at all times.
  • Live animals will not be allowed to participate, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs if required by the contestant.
  • Electrical power connections will not be provided. If your costume requires power, it must be part of your costume design.
  • Any contestant with a larger costume may bring a handler to assist if necessary.
  • Each participant will have a chance to show off their costume in a catwalk style presentation. To participate, each contestant must register and be pre-judged. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the contest.
  • An entrant may enter the competition using a model. The entrant must be present at the time of judging and state that the person wearing the costume is a model, not the creator. Only one modeled costume per entrant.
  • Judges may inspect the construction of each costume closely. Please inform them at the time of registration if you are not comfortable with this.
  • The contest director reserves the right to exclude any costume from the show that he/she deems inappropriate or for any reason deemed to be sufficient.
  • Any costume that has won a Major award (i.e. Best in Show, Best Group, or Best Master) in another competition may not be entered into the contest.

Below are images of cosplays from previous MCX events!