Over 130 creators will be at Memphis Comic Expo 2022! Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

All guests are scheduled to attend Saturday and Sunday.  In the event of a guest cancellation, info will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Guests do not provide us with autograph pricing in advance.  Each guest will have a sign at their table with pricing.

SCOTT SNYDER got his MFA from Columbia University, published a book of short stories with The Dial Press in 2006 called Voodoo Heart, then finally broke into comics in 2009. He has worked extensively for DC Comics, writing such titles as Batman, Detective Comics, Justice League, the comic event books DC Dark Knights Metal and Death Metal, and Swamp Thing, among others. He has also created a number of series with some great co-creators and partners -- books like We Have Demons, Clear, Night of the Ghoul, Nocterra, American Vampire, Wytches, the Wake, AD: After Death, and more.

GREG CAPULLO is a self taught Illustrator, who worked on the NY Times Best-selling and highly acclaimed BATMAN series along with Scott Snyder. He co-created the Image Comics’ book REBORN, along with writer, Mark Millar. Other popular comics work includes: his 80 issue run on Image Comics’ SPAWN, Marvel Comics X-FORCE and QUASAR. He is also the creator of THE CREECH, a Sci-Fi/Horror comic published by Image. Greg has provided art for Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, contributed lead character designs for the the award winning HBO animated SPAWN series, and was the cover artist for many popular musical groups including Five Finger Death Punch, Korn and Disturbed.

JONATHAN GLAPION began his comics career in 1998 at Image, where he contributed inks to such titles as Curse of the Spawn, Sam and Twitch and Universe. After spending several years at Marvel inking Elektra: The Hand, Gravity and Ultimate X-Men, he shifted his focus to their distinguished competition. Since 2007, he has worked on a wide variety of DC titles, The New 52 Batman, Batgirl, Dark Nights: Metal, Wonder Woman, as well as, DC’s Black Label series Last Knight on Earth. Jonathan, also worked on the Netflix Series Reborn with Mark Millar, Greg Capullo, and FCO Plascencia. He also has received numerous awards for inking.

MARK WAID is a New York Times bestselling author whose work has appeared in countless languages across the globe. Over the course of his almost four decades in the comic book industry, Mark has developed characters and stories for Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Men, Archie, Star Wars, the Incredibles, and almost every other franchise currently enjoying success across all media platforms. Kingdom Come, which he created with artist Alex Ross for DC, has become one of the highest-selling graphic novels in history. Many of the storylines and characters he wrote and created in his eight-year run on The Flash can be seen on the current hit television show. He has written and edited over 2,000 comic titles and has received every major award in the industry. Since March of 2020, he has also been the U.S. Publisher of Humanoids.

JAMES O'BARR is the creator, writer and artist behind the best-selling graphic novel, The Crow. In 1978, his fiancée, Beverly, was killed by a drunk driver and he joined the Marines in an effort to cope with the loss. He was stationed in Germany and illustrated combat manuals for the military. In 1981, O'Barr began work on The Crow and was further inspired by a Detroit newspaper account of the murder of a young couple over a $20 engagement ring. The Crow sat on a shelf for seven years, but at last someone wanted to publish it: Gary Reed of Caliber Press. In The Crow, the protagonist and his fiancée are murdered by a gang of criminals. He then returns from the dead to hunt their killers. The Crow has since sold over 750,000 copies and spawned four movies, action figures, statues, and a TV show.

KYLE HOTZ  is a comic book artist, concept artist, character designer and writer who has worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Image and others. You'll probably recognize his covers for Venom, Savage Spider-Man, Swamp Thing, & Carnage, among others!

MARC BERNARDIN is a WGA Award-winning television writer-producer who has worked on Star Trek: Picard, The Continental, Carnival Row, Treadstone, Castle Rock, Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina, Masters of the Universe: Revelations, and Alphas. In comics, he’s an Inkpot-winning writer of Adora and the Distance, Peter Parker: The Amazing Shutterbug, Genius, Static Shock, The Authority, The Highwaymen, and Monster Attack Network. In an earlier life, he was a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Playboy, and Entertainment Weekly. And he cohosts the FatmanBeyond podcast with Kevin Smith.

MING CHEN Ming's road to Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash all began in 1995 when the college student, video store employee, and Kevin Smith follower developed a fan website based on the movie Clerks. Smith, who appreciated Chen’s work, reached out and asked him to create the Website for his production company, View Askew Productions. Twenty Six years later, not only does Chen continue to work on many of Smith’s online projects, but he has also ventured into other areas within the Kevin Smith empire, most recently hosting a weekly podcast called I Sell Comics! on Smith’s podcast network, SModCo. Chen is not only the technical expert for TheStash, but he is also the perfect person to send out to do the jobs no one else wants to do. He takes it all with a smile, and is happy to be a part of the team. During his free time, Chen serves on the board for the non-profit organization Root to Rise. He also co-owns a podcast studio called A Shared Universe and is a partner in a coffee, gaming and comics café called “Coral Sword” in Houston,Texas with MLB player Hunter Pence.

RICK LEONARDI is one of the most beloved and influential comic book artists of the Modern Age, known for his work on CLOAK AND DAGGER, UNCANNY X-MEN, NEW MUTANTS, NIGHTWING, BATGIRL, GREEN LANTERN VERSUS ALIENS, and SUPERMAN. One of his most notable contributions is co-creating SPIDER-MAN 2099. He is credited (along with Mike Zeck) as one of the key designers for the black costume which Spider-Man wore in the 1984 SECRET WARS mini-series, and continued wearing through the years much to the delight of fans. The idea of a black Spider-Man costume came from a fan letter from Randy Schueller. In. 2019, Marvel published Randy’s original story concept and Rick illustrated it: SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN: SELF-IMPROVEMENT #1. Rick also co-created “Rose” with writer Tom DeFalco in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #253, and helped Chris Claremont create the fictional country of Genosha in UNCANNY X-MEN #235.  Some of his other notable works include BATMAN BEYOND, THE VIGILANTE (2008), JSA: CLASSIFIED, BIRDS OF PREY, PAINKILLER JANE, DAREDEVIL, MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS, THE RAMPAGING HULK, and SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN.

DENYS COWAN is an accomplished and celebrated comic & animation creator and illustrator. Founder of Milestone Media, which sold over 10 million copies of ground breaking comic books, Cowan has numerous credits to his name, including: Black Racer, Deathstroke, Black Lightning & Hong Kong Phooey, Batman: Lovers & Madmen, Blind Justice, Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers, The Question, Hardware, and Static.


KEVIN NOWLAN Kevin Nowlan is an acclaimed comic book artist with credits such as Batman: Sword of Azrael, Tomorrow Stories, and Superman vs. Aliens. He has worked extensively at Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics and more from the early 1980s through the present day.

RON MARZ is well known for his work on Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, as well as the Marvel vs DC crossover and Batman/Aliens. He also worked on the CrossGen Comics series ScionMysticSojourn, and The Path. At Dark Horse he created Samurai: Heaven and Earth and various Star Wars comics.  In 1995, he had a brief run on XO-Manowar, for Valiant. He's worked on a number of Top Cow books including Witchblade and a Cyberforce relaunch. For DC, he has written Ion, a 12 part comic book miniseries that followed Kyle Rayner after the One Year Later event, and Tales of the Sinistro Corps Presents: Parallax and Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents: Ion, two one-shot tie-ins to the Green Lantern crossover, The Sinestro Corps War.

CULLEN BUNN writes comic books for Oni Press (The Sixth Gun, The Damned, and The Tooth), Marvel Comics (Wolverine, Spider-Man: Season One, Venom, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men: Blue, Magneto, Deadpool, and Fear Itself: The Fearless), Dark Horse (Harrow County) DC (Sinestro, Lobo, Aquaman) and more. He also writes short fiction and novels, including the middle reader horror novel, Crooked Hills. His short stories and non-fiction have appeared in dozens of magazines, anthologies, and e-zines. His noir/horror comic (and first collaboration with Brian Hurtt), The Damned, was published in 2007 by Oni Press. The follow-up, The Damned: Prodigal Sons, was released in 2008. He founded Undaunted Press and edited the critically acclaimed small press horror magazine, Whispers from the Shattered Forum.

DAN BRERETON has been in the Comics game for over four decades, having written and illustrated for nearly every major Comics publisher on a wide spectrum of characters and genres such as X-Men, Justice League, Batman, Thor, Red Sonja, the Simpsons and many more. Past clients range from Walt Disney TV Animation , Hasbro Toys, CBS and musicians like Rob Zombie. His best-known and loved creator-owned property is NOCTURNALS, with a new2-volume Hardcover Omnibus out from Dark Horse Comics, and a new graphic novel currently in production.



DEXTER VINES was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and is one of comics' most prolific and well respected inkers with over 25 years experience. Dexter has worked for almost every major comic publisher including Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics. His credits include Superman/Batman, Civil War, and Wolverine: Old Man Logan. Dexter will be signing and sketching at the Hero Initiative booth both days


SAM DE LA ROSA's work on VENOM LETHAL PROTECTOR #1-6 is the basis for the worldwide successful billion-dollar grossing VENOM MOVIE. Since 1982 Sam drew finished art/ink art for Marvel, DC, Disney, Image, and Dark Horse among others. His credits include Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage (MAXIMUM CARNAGE storyline), Black Panther, The Avengers, Star Wars, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and more


DAN PARENT is an American comic book artist and writer who began working for Archie immediately after graduation from The Kubert School. His writing of the Love Showdown series from 1994 received widespread attention. In 2010, Parent introduced the first openly gay character in Archie Comics when he created Kevin Keller in Veronica #202, which he wrote and drew. Kevin Keller got his own title with the publication of Kevin Keller #1 in 2012. In 2015, Parent illustrated the comic Archie vs. Sharknado, a tie-in to Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! written by the film's director, Anthony C. Ferrante. Parent, along with artist/writer Fernando Ruiz published Die Kitty Die in 2016, which was funded through Kickstarter. He also illustrated the 2018 6-part crossover "Archie Meets Batman '66".


SOZOMAIKA is a self taught digital illustrator based in LA who is best known for her approach towards fashion design in her character illustrations. She has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics, Dynamite, Under Armour, Wired and more. You might have seen her work on that killer Catwoman #39 cover.


ERIC CANETE is a concept artist, comic book illustrator and storyboard artist currently residing in the Pacific North West. His works and clients include Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin (Marvel), Run Love Kill (Image), Aeon Flux (MTV) Ben10: Alien Force (Cartoon Network), Justice League Unlimited and Beware the Batman (Warner Bros Animation), Killer Instinct (Microsoft) and League of Legends (Riot Games). He is renowned for his dynamic storytelling, his signature art style and unique approach to concept designs. He is currently working on "ARC ATHENA", a creator owned comic miniseries crowdfunded via IndieGogo in Q3 of 2021, and he streams his drawing process via YouTube.

KHOI PHAM is an artist and mentor. His artworks include DC’s Teen Titans, Marvel’s Mighty Avengers, X-Men Legacy, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Chaos War, Incredible Hercules, Gambit, Mighty Thor, X-Factor, and Top Cow’s Cyberforce. He has done numerous cover illustrations for various publications. Khoi was an attorney and venture capitalist prior to switching to art and mentoring. He has a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Saint Joseph’s University.

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JOSHUA SWABY is a freelance cover artist & illustrator from Brooklyn, NY who has done work for Marvel Studios, Marvel Comics, DC comics, Entertainment Weekly, Lucasfilm, Image, Vault, and Valiant.

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MIKE NORTON is the creator of the Eisner and Harvey award winning webcomic, Battlepug and the co-creator and artist of Revival and Grumble. He has worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and just about everybody else.

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ASHLEY A WOODS  is a comic book artist, writer, & creator from Chicago known for her work on the Niobe, Ladycastle and Tomb Raider series. She got her start through self-publishing her action-fantasy comic series Millennia War which led to her career in comics and TV. Recognized for her female illustrations and designs, her most prominent work is Niobe: She is Life with Stranger Comics. Her latest work can be seen on HBO's Lovecraft Country, DC’s Wonder Woman Black & Gold 2 and Jupiter Invincible with Pulitzer Prize winning author Yusef Komunyakaa which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival June 2021.


ARIEL DIAZ is an illustrator based in Dallas who has done work for Dynamite, IDW, Image Comics among many others. She works digitally and works in traditional pen and paper color commissions under the pseudonym DivineImmortality.


SAM PAYNE has graciously provided amazing art for our MCX posters over the last few years... Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Batman. He is a pinup and comic artist from Nashville who has worked on Josie & The Pussycats and Betty & Veronica. He does awesome sketches and vector art. Be sure to stop by his booth for a print or contact him to get on his pre-show commission list!


SHAWN CRYSTAL got his first job while in school, Resident Evil: Fire and Ice, a mini series for Wildstorm. Comic book work dried up after that, but he went on to work in animation, concept design for video games, and teaching. Marvel hired Shawn on Deadpool, living his childhood dream. Shawn is Currently an Artist for DC Comics, Marvel comics and Valiant Entertainment and has a podcast called Inkpulp.


LIANA KANGAS is a freelance comic artist, illustrator and writer, with credits such as Star Wars Adventures for IDW, 2000AD, and Z2, as well as original titles such as She Said Destroy (Vault), Seeds of Eden (TKO) and Trve Kvlt. Their work has been featured in award-winning anthologies published by Image Comics and A Wave Blue World. (they/her)


TONY MAX - MEMFAMOUS COMICS Owner of Apollo Arts Tattoos and Memfamous Comics, Tony Max creates art and comics in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. His past works include The Golden Silence and The Crimson Hand . Currently he is drawing the Instagram comic strip MERRIKAH.


KELLY WILLIAMS draws and writes comics. Lots of horror, plenty of everything. He's been lucky enough to work with a lot of different publishers on different and varied type stuff. Some of those publishers are TKO, DARK HORSE, IDW, TOP SHELF, BOOM!, A WAVE BLUE WORLD, IMAGE (back up type stuff), MAD CAVE, SCOUT, etc. As well as a heavy assortment of smaller indy publishers.



7/12/22 - TY TEMPLETON

9/11/22 - JIM STARLIN