Over 130 creators will be at Memphis Comic Expo 2023!  MORE GUEST ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON!  Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

All guests are scheduled to attend Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise noted below.  In the event of a guest cancellation, info will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Guests do not provide us with autograph pricing in advance.  Each guest will have a sign at their table with pricing.

KEVIN EASTMAN is a comic artist and writer best known as the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His most recent work in the TMNT saga is "The Last Ronin". Eastman was also formerly the editor and publisher of the magazine Heavy Metal.

GARTH ENNIS has been writing comics since 1989. His credits include THE BOYS (adapted into a hit TV show for Amazon), PREACHER (adapted for AMC), HITMAN and CROSSED, as well as successful runs on THE PUNISHER and FURY for Marvel Comics. He is particularly known for his war fiction, including the series BATTLEFIELDS and WAR STORIES, the graphic novels SARA, OUT OF THE BLUE and THE STRINGBAGS, and a recent revival of the classic British character JOHNNY RED. Originally from Northern Ireland, Ennis now lives in New York City with his wife, Ruth.

BRIAN PULIDO is the founder and publisher of Coffin Comics, the independent comics studio that publishes the Coffinverse line of graphic novels including: LADY DEATH, LAMUERTA, HELLWITCH, LADY SATANUS and other heavy metal inspired supernatural comic books and merchandise. In the 90’s, Pulido was the publisher of Chaos! Comics where he created and wrote the Chaos! Universe, including: EVIL ERNIE, PURGATORI and others. Additionally, he has published or written comics based on A Nightmare on Elm St., Chucky, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Megadeth, Insane Clown Posse, WWE and many more. He is on The Hero Initiative’s fundraising board, has received the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Defender of Liberty Award and Comic Con International’s Inkpot Award for contributions to the comic arts. Pulido has read Marvel’s Captain America monthly without fail since July 1974.

ALAN DAVIS  Born in June of 1956 in Corby, Northants, England, Alan had no formal art education — unpleasant experiences with ‘art establishment’ reinforced his primary ambition to be a carpenter. Davis began contributing to comics as a part-time hobby that quickly became a full-time job. His first professional comic work was on CAPTAIN BRITIAN in 1981 for Marvel UK. MARVELMAN for Warrior followed less than a year later. Harry Twenty on the High Rock for 2000AD allowed the hobby to become a full-time job. D.R. and Quinch followed. In 1985, Davis landed his first US work for DC Comics on BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS, followed by DETECTIVE COMICS. A few X-Annuals led to art duties on EXCALIBUR. His other list of credits include, but are not limited to: Wolverine: Bloodlust, creating/writing/drawingThe ClanDestine, JLA: The Nail, Superboy's Legion, Fantastic Four: The End, Thor, Captain America, Savage Hulk, three 100-page Thanos OGNs, and most recently working with Paul Levitz on the new mini-series Avengers: War Across Time.