Guest & Vendor List 2019

Stay tuned for more guest, artist alley, and vendor announcements coming soon!

Over 70 artists, writers and creators will be at Memphis Comic Expo 2019!


Chris Claremont

Legendary writer and creator, Chris Claremont, is a New York Times Best Selling Author, but he is best known for his 17 year run on Uncanny X-Men and work on Wolverine and The New Mutants.

Peter David

An Eisner Award winning comic book writer best known for his lengthy runs on Supergirl, Aquaman, Young Justice, The Incredible Hulk, X-Factor and others. He has over 50 novels to his credit including Star Trek: New Frontier. Peter is the co-creator, with popular science fiction icon Bill Mumy of the Cable Ace Award-nominated science fiction series Space Cases, which ran for two seasons on Nickelodeon. He has written several scripts for the Hugo Award winning TV series Babylon 5, and the sequel series, Crusade.


John Martin

A native Memphian, John is a freelance artist and comic book inker whose work has appeared in Box of Oddity, Comic Strip on, Steerage Wasteland by Antarctic Press and a short story titled Back to Earth that was in the second 901 Anthology.  He is currently inking pages for a three book miniseries titled Friar Rush by Silverline Comics.




Corbin Delaney

An aspiring comic book artist from North Alabama, Corbin has worked with Upper Deck on the 2017 and 2018 Marvel Masterpiece sketch card sets.  He is currently developing his own creator-owned series.




Adam Conklin

An award-winning artist & illustrator that has worked with Marvel and Upper Deck, Adam is a completely anlog multimedia artist working in watercolor, marker, ink, pencil and pen. He enjoys creating art for all fandoms and does freelance commissions.




Patrick Sean

From Montgomery, Alabama, Patrick has been painting for two years using acrylic and spray paint mediums.  As he began to grow as an artist, he started painting characters that he really enjoys.  Before long, he was booking comic conventions and realized “If I’m going to setup anywhere that’s where I want to be.”




Charles Brubaker

Charles Brubaker is a cartoonist and storyboard artist based in Martin, Tennessee. He has contributedto SpongeBob Comics and MAD Magazine, writing and drawing comics. In addition, he has created comics "A Witch Named Koko", "Ask a Cat", and "The Fuzzy Princess", and works as a storyboard artist for "Pencilmation", a popular cartoon series on YouTube.




Ray Fromme

Ray Fromme is an illustrator and a kid at heart. With a a passion for art that began with a love for giant monsters, he started doing shows in 2010 and is always ready to branch out to new experiences, meet new people and make great memories.  Knowing he can learn different techniques and try different mediums, he considers himself forever a student of art.




HD Kiddo

Funny, creepy or cute usually describes all of his artwork. His products range from painted hats to prints and stickers.   He's always trying new things while he builds his small business.




Coffee Hyrokoyo

Coffee is the sole creator of the indie manga, Legend of the Erased.




Peter Melonas - Fancifull Art

Since early childhood, Peter was tutored on how to put paint on canvas. It was his Father who filed his fascination with all aspects of the Arts.  One of Peter's early influences was Thomas P.Gill, best known for his nearly 11 year run drawing The Lone Ranger.  Peter still prefers the much loved labor of the pen stroke, the use of dark and light for creating illusion and depth on the flat surface of the paper and the following satisfaction upon completion.  Wham!  Bam!  Pow!  Along the way he has built upon the visual language comic artists have been developing for more than a century.




Dr. Greg Shaw

Dr Greg's love for animals can only be matched by his love of his favorite comic book characters.  While working as a veteranarian bu day, he created his character "The Schwick" as a hero to the animals and people.  Dr Greg also records as a professional musician in his spare time.




Josh Anderson

Josh is a freelance Graphic Designer and Artist from Tipton County, TN. He is currently working on his comic Imperium Exsilium




I Can Draw

Eric Nyamor is a freelance illustrator and author from Nashville, TN. He's been creating fun mashup and crossover illustrations for over 5 years. His work consists of many characters you may remember from childhood. Eric is also the illustrator and author of I Can Draw, a children's book that shows his progress as an illustrator.




Charles Ettinger

A native Memphis who has done work ranging from children's books to comics.  He most recently worked with the team of Dick Tracy.





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