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Over 70 artists, writers and creators will be at Memphis Comic Expo 2019!


Chris Claremont

Legendary writer and creator, Chris Claremont, is a New York Times Best Selling Author, but he is best known for his 17 year run on Uncanny X-Men and work on Wolverine and The New Mutants.

David Finch

David began his career at Top Cow Productions, Inc. in 1995, where he assisted creator/artist Marc Silvestri on CYBERFORCE. After co-creating ASCENSION and penciling APHRODITE IX for Image Comics, Finch moved to Marvel where he illustrated acclaimed runs of ULTIMATE X-MEN, THE NEW AVENGERS, MOON KNIGHT and ULTIMATUM.  He contributed to the landmark BATMAN #700, penciled BATMAN: THE RETURN, and wrote/penciled BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT. He worked with Geoff Johns on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and FOREVER EVIL, the first universe wide crossover of THE NEW 52.


Peter David

An Eisner Award winning comic book writer best known for his lengthy runs on Supergirl, Aquaman, Young Justice, The Incredible Hulk, X-Factor and others. He has over 50 novels to his credit including Star Trek: New Frontier. Peter is the co-creator, with popular science fiction icon Bill Mumy of the Cable Ace Award-nominated science fiction series Space Cases, which ran for two seasons on Nickelodeon. He has written several scripts for the Hugo Award winning TV series Babylon 5, and the sequel series, Crusade.

Meredith Finch

Meredith has been steeped in the world of comics since meeting her husband, artist David Finch, in 2005.  She has written for Zenescope and penned Xena: Warrior Princess. Her first creator-owned title, ROSE, is a fantasy series published by Image Comics that combines her love of mythology with modern issues. Other works include: Wonder Woman, Catwoman: Election Night and Grimm Tales of Terror and Tales from Oz.


Robbi Rodriguez

Co-creator of Marvel's Spider-Gwen, Vertigo's Goddess Mode and Federal Bureau of Physics, his other credits as artist and/or writer include: X-Men, X-Force, Wolverine, Hero Camp, New Mutants, Night Club, Spawn, Spider-Man, WWE, Gwen-Pool, S.H.I.E.L.D, Catwoman, and many more!

Mike McKone

Mike's first published works for the major companies included DC Comics' Justice League of America, Justice League International and The Punisher: War Zone for Marvel Comics. However, it was his work on Marvel's Exiles which brought him instant attention and led him to work on DC's Teen Titans and Marvel's Fantastic Four. Other works include: Avengers Academy, Spider-Man, Thor, Superman, Star Wars, and others.


Gene Ha

Gene is a four time Eisner Award winner and NY Times bestselling creator and artist best known for his work with Alan Moore on Top 10 and The Forty-Niners. His most recent work is as creator of the graphic novel, Mae.

Other works include: Superman/Wonder Woman, The Multiversity Guidebook, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, Flashpoint, Justice League, Blackest Night, Captain America and lots more.


Scott Kolins

Scott was a 2003 nominee of the Wizard Fan Awards 'Favorite Breakout Talent' for his work on THE FLASH.


Mike Norton

Norton is known for his work on Battlepug, Revival, Young Justice, Green Arrow/Black Canary & Gravity, but he has a bajillion credits because he's a relentless cyborg drawing machine! Latest project: Grumble!  He is also co-founder of Four Star Studios.


Jerry The King Lawler

It wouldn't be Memphis Comic Expo without our friend Jerry Lawler!
Jerry THE KING Lawler is a Memphian, professional wrestler, WWE Hall of Famer, WWE commentator and ARTIST! If you haven't checked out Jerry's art, DO IT NOW!


Liana Kangas

Liana is a freelance comic artist and a self proclaimed edge-lord dog mom, who works in both digital & traditional formats. Credits include: 2000 AD's 2018 Sci-Fi Special, Black Mask Studio’s Black AF series, Comic Mix's Ringo Award Winning Planned Parenthood graphic novel Mine!, and Image Comics Where We Live. She is currently drawing her first co-created book titled She Said Destroy by Vault, written by Joe Coral.  Liana has been featured on websites like Paste Magazine, Newsarama, Doom Rocket, Vice, Nerdist and Comics Alliance.


Vita Ayala

Vita is a writer based in New York City who penned their first piece of fiction at the age of ten. As a kid, Vita grew up loving Wonder Woman comics and they’ve written Diana of Themyscira twice. But Ayala isn’t content with just living the dream of working on a big corporate superhero, they are making comics that give voice to people without money, power or privilege. See their work in Wonder Woman, The Wilds, Batman Beyond, Black Panther, Bitch Planet, Our Work Fills the Pews, Shuri, Supergirl, and coming soon XENA: Warrior Princess!

More guest announcements coming soon, including legendary comic artists and creators and local/regional talent.  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for instant notifications!


Michael Moreci

Michael is a comics author & novelist. His current series, Wasted Space, has been hailed as one of the best comics of 2018; and Roche Limit, was dubbed “one of the 50 best sci-fi comics of all-time.” by Paste Magazine.  He has written canonical comics for Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Planet of the Apes. His debut novel, Black Star Renegades was nominated for an Audie Award. Its sequel, We Are Mayhem, was released in April.  Other credits include Suicide Squad, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, Conan the Barbarian, Dishonored, The Shadow, Army of Darkness, and Robocop.  He writes for LucasFilm,, and


Nikki Stinchcombe

Nikki is an illustrator, paper artist and self-published comic artist based in Toronto. She has worked as an Illustrator/Art Director in the realm of education for animation and motion graphics and as a Freelance Illustrator on various projects including graphic design, event posters, iconography, video game assets, book covers and character design for film and animation. Her illustration thesis from Sheridan College focused on women in world mythology. she continues to read, study and explore women in mythology which remains her central focus of inspiration for self driven projects and comics.


Yoshi Yoshitani

Yoshi is a concept artist and illustrator from California that has always been inspired by cultures, histories, mythologies and patterns from around the world. She uses this inspiration to fuel her concepts and Illustrations.

You can see her work in: The Wicked + The Devine, Star Trek Boldly Go, Monstress, Jem and the Holograms and she is publishing her own tarot deck in 2020.


Erica Doyle

Erica Doyle is a Seattle based freelance artist and illustrator who works in both digital and traditional media. She runs an online shop for merch and prints and her work has been published in several zine projects.


Jiji Knight

Jiji Knight Illustrations & Designs is a lover of magic, ladies, and breakfast for dinner. Graphic designer by day and illustrator by night, she’s a champion of body positivity, uniter of the cute and macabre, and overall dedicates her body of work to women. She studied illustration at the Academy of Art in beautiful San Francisco and currently resides in her desert hometown of Las Vegas.


Anthony Max

 Tony is a writer and artist who has self published several amazing Memphis oriented sci-fi projects incuding The Golden Silence & The Crimson Hand. He also happens to be one of the best tattoo artists in the area and works at No Regrets Tattoo Emporium.  Check out his Instagram and have your mind blown.


John Martin

A native Memphian, John is a freelance artist and comic book inker whose work has appeared in Box of Oddity, Comic Strip on, Steerage Wasteland by Antarctic Press and a short story titled Back to Earth that was in the second 901 Anthology.  He is currently inking pages for a three book miniseries titled Friar Rush by Silverline Comics.


Corbin Delaney

An aspiring comic book artist from North Alabama, Corbin has worked with Upper Deck on the 2017 and 2018 Marvel Masterpiece sketch card sets.  He is currently developing his own creator-owned series.


Chris Haley

Haley is an award winning cartoonist and co-creator of the once popular webcomic Let's Be Friends Again. His artwork has appeared in comics published by Boom! Studios, IDW, and Monkeybrain Press, and he writes a number of recurring features at Follow him on Twitter to read his thoughts on Superman and wrestling."


Gordon Wills

Gordon was born in Memphis, TN and has been creating sketch cards for various trading card companies for a couple of years.  He's worked on projects such as DC Bombshells, Rick& Morty, Deadpool, Steven Universe and Avengers Infinity War.

Patrick Sean

From Montgomery, Alabama, Patrick has been painting for two years using acrylic and spray paint mediums.  As he began to grow as an artist, he started painting characters that he really enjoys.  Before long, he was booking comic conventions and realized “If I’m going to setup anywhere that’s where I want to be.”


Adam Conklin

An award-winning artist & illustrator that has worked with Marvel and Upper Deck, Adam is a completely anlog multimedia artist working in watercolor, marker, ink, pencil and pen. He enjoys creating art for all fandoms and does freelance commissions.


Skoot Starnes

Skoot is a Memphis native looking to make his way in to the comics industry.  He grew up watching Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons on Saturday mornings.  That love of characters led to the love of comics.  He often recreated the pictures inside the pages of his favorite comic books, which fueled a passion for comic art. Looking up to artists like David Finch, Michael Turner, Mark Bagley, Ryan Stegman and others led to a life goal to follow in their footsteps and carry on the torch for so many beloved characters.


Terri Scott 

Terri is an illustrator, comic enthusiast and storyteller.  She received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Memphis College of Art in  2014 and works as a freelance illustrator in Memphis.  She enjoys watching cartoons, reading comics and aggravating  her three cats.  When she isn't watch cartoons, she is drawing cats.  A lot of cats.


Kelly Williams


You can check out more via his social media links below and contact him for commissions.


Martheus Wade

Martheus has illustrated Bloodstream for Image Comics, Chaos Campus for Approbation Comics, Andrew Dabb's Slices, Action Man for Hasbro, the Marvel Comics Masterpiece Card SeriesStar Wars Galaxy Sketch Cards series 5, Titanium Rain from Archaia Studio, Nanovor from IDW Publishing and Mail Order Ninja by Josh Elderand.  He illustrated, wrote, and produced a comic book crossover called Jetta/Shi: Arrow of Destiny with his character Jetta, and William Tucci's Shi.  His work has been used for the movie Role Models as well as for the instructional DVD and book, Hi-Fi Digital Color for Comics II available from IMPACT Publishing. His creator owned graphic novels Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel has been licensed for motion picture and his newest comic book, Shinobi: Ninja Princess published by Action Lab Entertainment is distributed by Scholastic Books with a hardcover collection coming to stores and libraries in 2019.


Janet Wade

Janet had a chance meeting in the summer of 1997 when a college writing class hooked her up with a young man who had aspirations of creating his own comic book. Something called "Jetta". She married the guy and became his inker and co-writer. And eventually they had a kid and named him Anakin, because they were not only artists, but Star Wars geeks as well.
She has worked on Shinobi: Ninja Princess from Action Lab Entertainment and the Turra: Gun Angel as well as Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa series from MAW Productions as well as contributed art for Topps, Harbro, Action Lab's Princeless, and Josh Elder's Mail Order Ninja.


Anakin Wade

Anakin was born into a family of comic book artists. His mom and dad, Janet and Martheus Wade, produce Action Lab's Shinobi: Ninja Princess series. He got into art innocently enough. When he was 4, he wanted to do art with his mom and dad. So mom drew and inked a few sketch cards, and he watercolored them. That was in 2013. Anakin and his mom have so far made over 200 sketch cards.

Charles Brubaker

Charles Brubaker is a cartoonist and storyboard artist based in Martin, Tennessee. He has contributedto SpongeBob Comics and MAD Magazine, writing and drawing comics. In addition, he has created comics "A Witch Named Koko", "Ask a Cat", and "The Fuzzy Princess", and works as a storyboard artist for "Pencilmation", a popular cartoon series on YouTube.


Coffee Hyrokoyo

Coffee is the sole creator of the indie manga, Legend of the Erased.

Ray Fromme

Ray Fromme is an illustrator and a kid at heart. With a a passion for art that began with a love for giant monsters, he started doing shows in 2010 and is always ready to branch out to new experiences, meet new people and make great memories.  Knowing he can learn different techniques and try different mediums, he considers himself forever a student of art.

Travis Hill 

Travis is the writer of Mustard Seed, a comic about life in the projects of West Shreveport.  He is currently seeking a PhD in historical Philosophy at UT-Dallas.  Travis lives in Dallas with his beautiful wife , Bridget, and his two dogs Albus and Remus.


Josh Anderson

Josh is a freelance Graphic Designer and Artist from Tipton County, TN. He is currently working on his comic Imperium Exsilium.


HD Kiddo

Funny, creepy or cute usually describes all of his artwork. His products range from painted hats to prints and stickers.   He's always trying new things while he builds his small business.


Charles Ettinger

A native Memphis who has done work ranging from children's books to comics.  He most recently worked with the team of Dick Tracy.


Phillip Maira

Phillip is a comic book writer from Chicago, IL known for his annual anthology, Crackle.  In between creating stories for the next volume of Crackle, he is writing his first graphic novel.


Jake Bostain 

Jake is an aspiring comic artist who has loved to create geek related art since he was a wee lad.  He has done many unique commissions and has prints, stickers and sketch covers & cards.  He is currently working on his own unique expanded comic universe starting with the Story of Creation.

Dr. Greg Shaw

Dr Greg's love for animals can only be matched by his love of his favorite comic book characters.  While working as a veteranarian bu day, he created his character "The Schwick" as a hero to the animals and people.  Dr. Greg also records as a professional musician in his spare time.


Alejandro Morales

Alejandro was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  His influences include: Stephen King, Anne Rice, Frank Miller, Chris Claremont and James O'Barr.  He has written seven novels and transitioned into writing comic books.  In 2018, he wrote and published his comic book, M1, under his publishing company Independent Thinker Comics.  Due to the popularity of issues 1 and 2, there was a second and third printing of those issues.  Alejandro hopes that the M1 series will one day be produced into a move or TV series.


I Can Draw

Eric Nyamor is a freelance illustrator and author from Nashville, TN. He's been creating fun mashup and crossover illustrations for over 5 years. His work consists of many characters you may remember from childhood. Eric is also the illustrator and author of I Can Draw, a children's book that shows his progress as an illustrator.


Antonio Johnson

Antonio is a freelance cover/pinup artist and graphic designer.  He has created pinups for MAW Productions' Turra: Gun Angle and Shinobi: Ninja Princess.  He has done work and is a contributor for InkPot Comics.  He is currently working on his first book Bluff City Blues.


Peter Melonas - Fancifull Art

Since early childhood, Peter was tutored on how to put paint on canvas. It was his Father who filed his fascination with all aspects of the Arts.  One of Peter's early influences was Thomas P.Gill, best known for his nearly 11 year run drawing The Lone Ranger.  Peter still prefers the much loved labor of the pen stroke, the use of dark and light for creating illusion and depth on the flat surface of the paper and the following satisfaction upon completion.


Bryan Crowson

Bryan is a portrait artist in Birmingham, Alabama. He creates geeky, nerdy and often humorous pop-culture art, along with figure art and mythology pieces. For an overview of Bryan's work, please see the Featured Art album pinned to the top of his Facebook art page.


A Bouquet of  Yarn

Katherine Burgess has been crocheting since she was 11. She's loved science-fiction, fantasy and superheroes longer than that.  Bouquet of Yarn combines her love of both.

Jessica Nunno

Jessica is a freelance illustrator from Huntsville, AL best known for her use of vibrant colors.  She creates science fiction and fantasy illustrations as well as commercial work.



The Aliens Legacy

Are you a fan of the ALIENS universe?
Do you like to dress up in costume, collect props and talk about everything ALIENS?
Come and connect with like minded individuals locally and around the world.  THE ALIENS LEGACY is a friendly relaxed group where everyone is welcomed!  We have members from around the world, attend conventions, and raise money for charities!  Choose your rank, call-sign, apply for your own unique Service Number, earn ribbons/awards, and take place in drops and Colony Sweeps.


Angel Of Azarath

Angel of Azarath is a Memphis-based cosplayer. She’s been cosplaying for 7 years and has traveled across the nation for her craft. Angel has competed and won several awards for her costumes at national conventions and currently works part time with a costuming company based out of Nashville called Howl FX. Her most popular cosplays have been her various versions of Raven from Teen Titans, her Tracer and Brigitte from Overwatch, and her Sypha Belnades from the Netflix anime Castlevania.


Kelli Smith

Kelli is an award winning costumer, fabricator, artist, performer, and artistic model based out of Memphis, TN. She has been an entertainter and master crafter for over 10 years and has been featured as a guest cosplayer at over 30 conventions across the United States and internationally.

Bluff City IronMan

Bluff City Batman & The Batmobile


DeSoto County Spiderman

Desoto County Spider-Man is a kid’s performer and cosplayer from Desoto County, MS. He attends kid’s birthday parties, festivals, sporting events, and charity events. He also hosts his own charity event each year called “Desoto County Spider-Man’s Birthday Bash” where the kids in the community can come to celebrate “Spider-Man’s Birthday” but the main focus of the event is to collect toys to be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He is very active in his community and has a passion for the work he does. “If you have the power to make even one child smile, you have the responsibility to do so.”


DeSoto County Ghostbusters


Comics & Collectibles

Since 1986, Comics & Collectibles has been the Mid-South's favorite destination for comics, graphic novels, games and collectibles.  They'll have vintage & new comics, discount bins, new action figures & toys, plus collectibles & statues for you to purchase!


Eric's Secret Stash

Come by and check out the man, the myth and the legend. The Stash has the finest selection of toys, figures and statues in the mid-south. He knows his business, charges fair prices and is a staple on the southern convention scene. If he ain't got it, you don't need it.  Or, so he says. Eric also has great appreciation for well done cosplay, Guinness & Notre Dame football so say hello at MCX!


4/10/19 - Paul Gulacy

Guests and vendors are subject to change or cancellation.  All changes will be posted to this page as they become available.  Guests are scheduled to appear Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise listed.