SCOTT SNYDER is an award-winning writer known for his run on Batman, American Vampire, Wytches, Dark Nights Metal, Batman Last Knight on Earth and The Batman Who Laughs as well as his newly optioned Undiscovered Country. He is one of the biggest names in the industry and we are thrilled to have him join us at Memphis Comic Expo 2019!

Scott will appear on Saturday October 19 only. 

Scott will sign at his table from 11:00am-2:00pm and again from 4:00pm-6:00pm
**Since his schedule has changed, Scott will not be present for VIP doors at 9:30am.  Fear not!  VIP ticketholders will recieve ONE LINE SKIP pass for Scott Snyder's table and an EXCLUSIVE PRINT!**

First 3 raw signatures are free.  $5 per additional raw.  $20 per witnessed. 

Scott Snyder Panel - Sat Oct 19 at 2:00pm-3:00pm.  VIPs will be given priority seating. Remaining seats will be first come, first served.  Line will begin to form at 1:30pm.



CHRIS CLAREMONT  is a New York Times Best Selling Author, but is best known for his legendary 17 year run on Uncanny X-Men and work on Wolverine and The New Mutants.

$10 per raw signature; $20 per witnessed signature. *fees subject to change.

Panel at 2:30pm on Saturday


DAVID FINCH began his career at Top Cow Productions, Inc. in 1995, where he assisted creator/artist Marc Silvestri on CYBERFORCE. After co-creating ASCENSION and penciling APHRODITE IX for Image Comics, Finch moved to Marvel where he illustrated acclaimed runs of ULTIMATE X-MEN, THE NEW AVENGERS, MOON KNIGHT and ULTIMATUM.  He contributed to the landmark BATMAN #700, penciled BATMAN: THE RETURN, and wrote/penciled BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT. He worked with Geoff Johns on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and FOREVER EVIL, the first universe wide crossover of THE NEW 52.

$5 per raw signature; $15 per witnessed signature  *fees subject to change

Panel at 11:30am on Sunday



PETER DAVID is an Eisner Award winning comic book writer best known for his lengthy runs on Supergirl, Aquaman, Young Justice, The Incredible Hulk, X-Factor and others. He has over 50 novels to his credit including Star Trek: New Frontier. Peter is the co-creator, with popular science fiction icon Bill Mumy of the Cable Ace Award-nominated science fiction series Space Cases, which ran for two seasons on Nickelodeon. He has written several scripts for the Hugo Award winning TV series Babylon 5, and the sequel series, Crusade.

Panel at 5:00pm on Saturday


MEREDITH FINCH has been steeped in the world of comics since meeting her husband, artist David Finch, in 2005.  She has written for Zenescope and penned Xena: Warrior Princess. Her first creator-owned title, ROSE, is a fantasy series published by Image Comics that combines her love of mythology with modern issues. Other works include: Wonder Woman, Catwoman: Election Night and Grimm Tales of Terror and Tales from Oz.

First 2 raw signatures are free;  $5 per additional raw; $5 per witnessed signature  *fees subject to change.

Panel at 10:30am on Sunday



ROBBI RODRIGUEZ IS Co-creator of Marvel's Spider-Gwen, Vertigo's Goddess Mode and Federal Bureau of Physics, his other credits as artist and/or writer include: X-Men, X-Force, Wolverine, Hero Camp, New Mutants, Night Club, Spawn, Spider-Man, WWE, Gwen-Pool, S.H.I.E.L.D, Catwoman, and many more!

Panel with John Lucas at 1:30pm on Sunday


RICO RENZI is an artist and designer from Washington D.C. who is best known for coloring the first 40 issues of Spider-Gwen and co-designing Gwenom. His work has appeared in WIRED and Fast Company Magazines, and various publications from D.C., Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Scholastic, Boom Studios, Oni Press and IDW. Currently he’s working on Goddess Mode, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Sea of Stars, and Bitter Root.



MIKE MCKONE's first published works for the major companies included DC Comics' Justice League of America, Justice League International and The Punisher: War Zone for Marvel Comics. However, it was his work on Marvel's Exiles which brought him instant attention and led him to work on DC's Teen Titans and Marvel's Fantastic Four. Other works include: Avengers Academy, Spider-Man, Thor, Superman, Star Wars, and others.





GENE HA is a four time Eisner Award winner and NY Times bestselling creator and artist best known for his work with Alan Moore on Top 10 and The Forty-Niners. His most recent work is as creator of the graphic novel, Mae. Other works include: Superman/Wonder Woman, The Multiversity Guidebook, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, Flashpoint, Justice League, Blackest Night, Captain America and lots more.






THOMAS YEATES is best known for illustrating the comic strips Prince Valiant and Zorro and for working on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. He drew the Universe X: Beasts and Universe X: Cap one-shots for Marvel. He collaborated with Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier on the Groo vs. Conan crossover for Dark Horse Comics. He also worked on Tarzan, Superman, Swamp Thing, The Warlord, Airboy and others.


GUY GILCHRIST will always be known as "Jim Henson's Cartoonist"  having created The Muppets comic strip (KFS) for newspapers around the world from 1981-1986 and being an intregal part of Jim's creative team on Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, and all of Henson's creations.  He headed publishing and licensing for TMNT, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons and Disney.  Author of 50+ books, 2 time Silver Reuben Award (NCS), and his Muppets work enshrined in the Smithsonian in 1984.  For years he wrote and drew the Nancy comic strip for UFS Universal.



JOHN LUCAS is a prolific freelance contributor to DC Comics, Vertigo, Marvel Comics, Darkhorse, Image and Valiant, on titles like: Deadpool, Star Trek, Superman, Wolverine, X-Men Unlimited, Batman, Uncanny X-Force, and Starman among others, plus small press work like Valkyries (with Steve Moore) for 2000 AD and After Houdini.

Panel with Robbi Rodriguez at 1:30pm on Sunday


JERRY THE KING LAWLER  It wouldn't be Memphis Comic Expo without our friend Jerry Lawler! Jerry THE KING Lawler is a Memphian, professional wrestler, WWE Hall of Famer, WWE commentator and ARTIST! If you haven't checked out Jerry's art, DO IT NOW!



MATTHEW CLARK is an artist from Portland who has worked for DC comics on many titles including Outsiders, Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood, Final Crisis: Submit, Supergirl, Tangent: Superman's Reign, Batman:Arkham Knight, Teen Titans, Ghostrider, Superman/Batman, Justice League, Outsiders and Doom Patrol. He has worked for Marvel on such titles as Inhumans and War of Kings Saga, and on other titles such as Vampirella and Felon.


MIKE NORTON is and Eisner Award and Harvey Award winner known for his work on Battlepug, Revival, Young Justice, Green Arrow/Black Canary & Gravity, but he has a bajillion credits because he's a relentless cyborg drawing machine! Latest project: Grumble!  He is also co-founder of Four Star Studios.



DREW MOSS is an Illustrator based in southeastern Virginia who has done work for: IDW - Road of the Dead, The Colonized, The Crow Dark Horse -Creepy,  Oni press - Terrible Lizard, Blood Feud.  Image Comics -Copperhead and various other publishers. Drew enjoys fine cigars and whiskies and spends too much time writing bios.



KYLE STARKS is the longest tenured writer and occasional artist of RICK AND MORTY and has now written more issues of the comic than there are episodes of the show. His action-comedy, KILL THEM ALL, was recently optioned by Paramount Pictures and ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN from Image Comics was nominated for an Eisner Award. He is currently writing ASSASSIN NATION and recently finished MARS ATTACKS for Dynamite Comics along with Chris Schweizer.


LIANA KANGAS is a freelance comic artist and a self proclaimed edge-lord dog mom, who works in both digital & traditional formats. Credits include: 2000 AD's 2018 Sci-Fi Special, Black Mask Studio’s Black AF series, Comic Mix's Ringo Award Winning Planned Parenthood graphic novel Mine!, and Image Comics Where We Live. She is currently drawing her first co-created book titled She Said Destroy by Vault, written by Joe Coral.  Liana has been featured on websites like Paste Magazine, Newsarama, Doom Rocket, Vice, Nerdist and Comics Alliance.

Panel at 12:30pm on Saturday



VITA AYALA is a writer based in New York City who penned their first piece of fiction at the age of ten. As a kid, Vita grew up loving Wonder Woman comics and they’ve written Diana of Themyscira twice. But Ayala isn’t content with just living the dream of working on a big corporate superhero, they are making comics that give voice to people without money, power or privilege. See their work in Wonder Woman, The Wilds, Batman Beyond, Black Panther, Bitch Planet, Our Work Fills the Pews, Shuri, Supergirl, and coming soon XENA: Warrior Princess and James Bond.

Panel at 12:30pm on Sunday


ROBERT WILSON IV co-created and illustrated KNUCKLEHEADS at Monkeybrain Comics with writer Brian Winkeler, LIKE A VIRUS with writer Ken Lowery and HEART THROB with writer Christopher Sebela, among others. He is also makes cool tour and concert posters for bands such as THE MOUNTAIN GOATS, STARS, THE SWORD, RAY LAMONTAGNE, and DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979.



MIKEY BABINSKI has worked primarily as an inker for Marvel, DC, Image, Boom and a slew of independent publishers. He has worked on Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Scarlet Spider, SheHulks, Justice League, Blackest Night and Spider-Man among others.


RAMON VILLALOBOS has a distinctive art style and is known for his work on E Is For Extinction, Nighthawk, Curse Words, Original Sins, America, and the upcoming Wildcats among others.



EMILY ROSE PEEPLES is an illustrator living in Texas, with a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. In addition to design and illustration, she is also a photographer, videogamer and herder of cats.



SAM PAYNE is a pinup & comic artist from Nashville. Some of his works include variant covers for the Archie Comics relaunch of Betty & Veronica #1 and Josie & the Pussycats #1 as well as his self published Pop-Tartz pinup/sketchbook. Sam provided the art for the 2018 & 2019 Memphis Comic Expo poster!


MATT D WILSON is author of The Supervillain Handbook, The Supervillain Field Manual, and Supreme Villainy. Writer of the Monkeybrain Comics series Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective and Everything Will Be Okay. Co-host of War Rocket Ajax, Movie Fighters, & Ghost of a Chance podcasts. ComicsAlliance contributor. Spider-Man enthusiast.



JASON HORN is the creator of the all-ages webcomic, Ninjasaur, about the adventures of a dinosaur ninja (of course). He also writes and draws Power Skull, a series about a barbarian prince who gets magical powers from a haunted skull. His latest project is a one-shot titled Regal, about a young girl who uses a sword to cut tears in reality.


ANNA ZHUO was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and is a self-taught artist who does both digital and traditional illustrations.  She works with local comic shops to produce variant covers of your favorite comics.  Her work can be seen in Vampirella, Hit-Girl, The Magic Order and others.


KEN LOWREY is co-creator of @FakeAPStylebook Twitter feed and editor of the spinoff book "Write More Good" featuring an introduction by Roger Ebert.
He is co-creator and co-writer of the web series "The Variants."
He also co-created and wrote "Like a Virus" with illustrator and MCX guest Robert Wilson IV, among many other works.
His most recent project is a Star Wars Rogue One fan fiction titled REBEL with proceeds going to support Promise House's Transitional Living Program for homeless LGBT youth in North Texas. Check it out here: https://gumroad.com/l/rebelcomic.



Yoshi Yoshitani

Yoshi is a concept artist and illustrator from California that has always been inspired by cultures, histories, mythologies and patterns from around the world. She uses this inspiration to fuel her concepts and Illustrations.

You can see her work in: The Wicked + The Devine, Star Trek Boldly Go, Monstress, Jem and the Holograms and she is publishing her own tarot deck in 2020.


Nikki Stinchcombe

Nikki is an illustrator, paper artist and self-published comic artist based in Toronto. She has worked as an Illustrator/Art Director in the realm of education for animation and motion graphics and as a Freelance Illustrator on various projects including graphic design, event posters, iconography, video game assets, book covers and character design for film and animation. Her illustration thesis from Sheridan College focused on women in world mythology. she continues to read, study and explore women in mythology which remains her central focus of inspiration for self driven projects and comics.


Little Corvus

Little Corvus, aka Sar DuVall, is a Seattle based nonbinary, queer, latinx comic artist and illustrator. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning (2015), they are an Eisner-nominated artist who has worked with Lion Forge, Abrams, Iron Circus, Chronicle Books and more. They love street fashion, positive, diverse stories, and the color pink. Works include: STAR WARS: WOMEN OF THE GALAXY, ROLLED & TOLD,

Erica Doyle

Erica Doyle is a Seattle based freelance artist and illustrator who works in both digital and traditional media. She runs an online shop for merch and prints and her work has been published in several zine projects.


Jiji Knight

Jiji is is a lover of magic, ladies, and breakfast for dinner. Graphic designer by day and illustrator by night, she’s a champion of body positivity, uniter of the cute and macabre, and overall dedicates her body of work to women. She studied illustration at the Academy of Art in beautiful San Francisco and currently resides in her desert hometown of Las Vegas.


Anthony Max

 Tony is a writer and artist who has self published several amazing Memphis oriented sci-fi projects incuding The Golden Silence & The Crimson Hand. He also happens to be one of the best tattoo artists in the area and works at No Regrets Tattoo Emporium.  Check out his Instagram and have your mind blown.



Greg Cravens

Creator of the syndicated newspaper strip The Buckets, the webcomics HUBRIS, the editorial cartoons for The Memphis Flyer, part of the Stoned Ninja comics team, and cartoonist for more advertising agencies than you'd be wise to shake a stick at, Greg Cravens is and always has been YOUR cartoonist!


Kelly Williams




John Martin

A native Memphian, John is a freelance artist and comic book inker whose work has appeared in Box of Oddity, Comic Strip on TheBuzzKillMagazine.com, Steerage Wasteland by Antarctic Press and a short story titled Back to Earth that was in the second 901 Anthology.  He is currently inking pages for a three book miniseries titled Friar Rush by Silverline Comics.


Chris Haley

Haley is an award winning cartoonist and co-creator of the once popular webcomic Let's Be Friends Again. His artwork has appeared in comics published by Boom! Studios, IDW, and Monkeybrain Press, and he writes a number of recurring features at ComicsAlliance.com. Follow him on Twitter to read his thoughts on Superman and wrestling."


Corbin Delaney

An aspiring comic book artist from North Alabama, Corbin has worked with Upper Deck on the 2017 and 2018 Marvel Masterpiece sketch card sets.  He is currently developing his own creator-owned series.


Gordon Wills

Gordon was born in Memphis, TN and has been creating sketch cards for various trading card companies for a couple of years.  He's worked on projects such as DC Bombshells, Rick& Morty, Deadpool, Steven Universe and Avengers Infinity War.

Adam Conklin

An award-winning artist & illustrator that has worked with Marvel and Upper Deck, Adam is a completely anlog multimedia artist working in watercolor, marker, ink, pencil and pen. He enjoys creating art for all fandoms and does freelance commissions.


Patrick Sean

From Montgomery, Alabama, Patrick has been painting for two years using acrylic and spray paint mediums.  As he began to grow as an artist, he started painting characters that he really enjoys.  Before long, he was booking comic conventions and realized “If I’m going to setup anywhere that’s where I want to be.”



Terri Scott 

Terri is an illustrator, comic enthusiast and storyteller.  She received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Memphis College of Art in  2014 and works as a freelance illustrator in Memphis.  She enjoys watching cartoons, reading comics and aggravating  her three cats.  When she isn't watch cartoons, she is drawing cats.  A lot of cats.




Epyon5 specializes on portraits of pop culture/horror/sci-fi icons through the use of multi-layered stencils and spray paint.


Katrina Catizone

Katrina is a full-time artist who specializes in hyper realistic charcoal portraits of pop culture icons.


Skoot Starnes

Skoot is a Memphis native looking to make his way in to the comics industry.  He grew up watching Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons on Saturday mornings.  That love of characters led to the love of comics.  He often recreated the pictures inside the pages of his favorite comic books, which fueled a passion for comic art. Looking up to artists like David Finch, Michael Turner, Mark Bagley, Ryan Stegman and others led to a life goal to follow in their footsteps and carry on the torch for so many beloved characters.


Martheus Wade

Martheus has illustrated Bloodstream for Image, Chaos Campus for Approbation, Andrew Dabb's Slices, Action Man for Hasbro, the Marvel Comics Masterpiece Card SeriesStar Wars Galaxy Sketch Cards series 5, Titanium Rain from Archaia Studio, Nanovor from IDW and Mail Order Ninja.  He illustrated, wrote, and produced Jetta/Shi: Arrow of Destiny with his character Jetta, and William Tucci's Shi. His creator owned graphic novels Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel has been licensed for motion picture and his newest book is Shinobi: Ninja Princess published by Action Lab Entertainment & distributed by Scholastic Books.


Janet Wade

Janet had a chance meeting in the summer of 1997 when a college writing class hooked her up with a young man who had aspirations of creating his own comic book. Something called "Jetta". She married the guy and became his inker and co-writer. And eventually they had a kid and named him Anakin, because they were not only artists, but Star Wars geeks.
She has worked on Shinobi: Ninja Princess from Action Lab Entertainment and the Turra: Gun Angel as well as Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa series from MAW Productions as well as contributed art for Topps, Harbro, Action Lab's Princeless, and Mail Order Ninja.


Anakin Wade

Anakin was born into a family of comic book artists. His mom and dad, Janet and Martheus Wade, produce Action Lab's Shinobi: Ninja Princess series. He got into art innocently enough. When he was 4, he wanted to do art with his mom and dad. So mom drew and inked a few sketch cards, and he watercolored them. That was in 2013. Anakin and his mom have so far made over 200 sketch cards.

Charles Ettinger

A native Memphis who has done work ranging from children's books to comics.  He most recently worked with the team of Dick Tracy.


Josh Anderson

Josh is a freelance Graphic Designer and Artist from Tipton County, TN. He is currently working on his comic Imperium Exsilium.


HD Kiddo

Funny, creepy or cute usually describes all of his artwork. His products range from painted hats to prints and stickers.   He's always trying new things while he builds his small business.



Charles Brubaker

Charles Brubaker is a cartoonist and storyboard artist based in Martin, Tennessee. He has contributedto SpongeBob Comics and MAD Magazine, writing and drawing comics. In addition, he has created comics "A Witch Named Koko", "Ask a Cat", and "The Fuzzy Princess", and works as a storyboard artist for "Pencilmation", a popular cartoon series on YouTube.


Phillip Maira

Phillip is a comic book writer from Chicago, IL known for his annual anthology, Crackle.  In between creating stories for the next volume of Crackle, he is writing his first graphic novel.


Bryan Crowson

Bryan is a portrait artist in Birmingham, Alabama. He creates geeky, nerdy and often humorous pop-culture art, along with figure art and mythology pieces. For an overview of Bryan's work, please see the Featured Art album pinned to the top of his Facebook art page.


Coffee Hyrokoyo

Coffee is the sole creator of the indie manga, Legend of the Erased.

Alejandro Morales

Alejandro was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  His influences include: Stephen King, Anne Rice, Frank Miller, Chris Claremont and James O'Barr.  He has written seven novels and transitioned into writing comic books.  In 2018, he wrote and published his comic book, M1, under his publishing company Independent Thinker Comics.  Due to the popularity of issues 1 and 2, there was a second and third printing of those issues.



I Can Draw

Eric Nyamor is a freelance illustrator and author from Nashville, TN. He's been creating fun mashup and crossover illustrations for over 5 years. His work consists of many characters you may remember from childhood. Eric is also the illustrator and author of I Can Draw, a children's book that shows his progress as an illustrator.


Jake Bostain 

Jake is an aspiring comic artist who has loved to create geek related art since he was a wee lad.  He has done many unique commissions and has prints, stickers and sketch covers & cards.  He is currently working on his own unique expanded comic universe starting with the Story of Creation.

Antonio Johnson

Antonio is a freelance cover/pinup artist and graphic designer.  He has created pinups for MAW Productions' Turra: Gun Angle and Shinobi: Ninja Princess.  He has done work and is a contributor for InkPot Comics.  He is currently working on his first book Bluff City Blues.



Gavin Guidry 

Gavin is a comic artist based out of New Orleans.  His recent work includes The Night Driver, The Death Defying, Rebel, and an upcoming series from Action Lab titled Going to the Chapel.


Travis Hill 

Travis is the writer of Mustard Seed, a comic about life in the projects of West Shreveport.  He is currently seeking a PhD in historical Philosophy at UT-Dallas.  Travis lives in Dallas with his beautiful wife , Bridget, and his two dogs Albus and Remus.


Dr. Greg Shaw

Dr Greg's love for animals can only be matched by his love of his favorite comic book characters.  While working as a veteranarian bu day, he created his character "The Schwick" as a hero to the animals and people.  Dr. Greg also records as a professional musician in his spare time.


Peter Melonas - Fancifull Art

Since early childhood, Peter was tutored on how to put paint on canvas. It was his Father who filed his fascination with all aspects of the Arts.  Peter still prefers the much loved labor of the pen stroke, the use of dark and light for creating illusion and depth on the flat surface of the paper and the following satisfaction upon completion.


Jessica Nunno

Jessica is a freelance illustrator from Huntsville, AL best known for her use of vibrant colors.  She creates science fiction and fantasy illustrations as well as commercial work.


Quinn McGowan

Quinn is a comic book creator, visual artist and performer with the Memphop group Iron Mic Coalition.  His visual mediums include digital art, paint and his first love, comic art.  He is the creator of Project: Wildfire; illustrated the first two issues of Heroes International; co-creator of  upcoming comic S.O.T.I.M: Son of the Iron Mic; and cover artist of Menthe: The Anger of Angels. He contributed to the Ringo Award Winning, Planned Parenthood benefit anthology Mine: A celebration of Liberty and Freedom for All with writer Hannibal Tabu.


Mark James

Mark James started MemphisWrestlingHistory.com in 2003 with a decisive goal of making sure the history and story of Memphis Wrestling was not forgotten. By 2006, Mark began releasing books documenting Memphis Wrestling, then expanded to helping former Memphis Wrestlers release their own autobiographies. In 2012 Mark started doing books on other wrestling territories, including the Mid-Atlantic (Jim Crockett Promotions), Houston, Atlanta, the Mid-West (AWA), Detroit, Florida and Louisville. Mark's 45 books along with t-shirts, posters, etc will be available!


Ray Fromme

Ray Fromme is an illustrator and a kid at heart. With a a passion for art that began with a love for giant monsters, he started doing shows in 2010 and is always ready to branch out to new experiences, meet new people and make great memories.  Knowing he can learn different techniques and try different mediums, he considers himself forever a student of art.

A Bouquet of  Yarn

Katherine Burgess has been crocheting since she was 11. She's loved science-fiction, fantasy and superheroes longer than that.  Bouquet of Yarn combines her love of both.

William Russell

William is a self-taught artist who has been freelancing for 16 months.  He recently finished a project for Upper Deck's 2019 Marvel Flair Sketch Card series.


Bob Frantz & Kevin Cuffe 

Bob and Kevin are the co creators of Metalshark Bro (Scout Comics) and Chase the Moon.  The duo also hosts the podcast Word Bros.


Isaac Crawford

Isaac is a comic artist based in Springfield, MO.He began writing and illustrating his creator-owned comics in 2015 and has since self-published multiple mini-series and graphic novels.  He is currently creating an ongoing series called The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle.


Gray Shark Studios 

Chase Gray has worked in many fields as a concept artist, logo designer and professional miniatures painter.  Chase is a Memphian and especially enjoys combining the aesthetics of anime, cyberpunk ad sci-fi into his designs.


Kit White 

Kit is a cartoonist/illustrator/graphic designer.  Besides comics, she creates cartoon portraits of people & pets, linoblock prints, mixed media/collage artwork, and altered books.  Originally from NE Arkansas, she has lived-in Jackson, MS since 2017. She's happy to be back for another MCX!


Stoned Ninja Creatives

Comic creators Gabe DeRanzo, Greg Cravens, and Josh Lindsey are NOT re-hashing your uncle's "Underground Comix"!  They are NOT rolling out the same old spandex super-stories!  Their Stoned Ninja fights for freedoms you hear about in the news, against evil-doers, both in the shadows and in the light.  It's time for the new strain of hero these guys have for you!


John Davies 

Assistant inker at HackShack Studios;  Assisted Art Thibert on DC Comics inks for : Catwoman, Detective Comics, Teen Titans, & Batman Arkham Knight;  Artist on Nightmost for DoJo Kun Comics and Soulless;  Cover Artist for Novels by Metahuman Press;  Artist & Creator The Event: Children from the Atom


Dave Jordan 

Dave is an artist & writer based in Albuquerque, NM.  He has self-published several comics ranging from sad people & superheroes with existential issues to cat detectives and silver age Jack Kirby worship.  He also creates show posters and merchandise for bands and venues.


Chad Thomas 

Chad is an artist from Ozark, Missouri.  He is the creator and artist of the indie sci-fi/fantasy comic titled The Spectral Void.



Just two doofs who make comics about a world with a dumb sun.


Amanda Weidman

A Memphis-based animator and aspiring comic artist with a passion for character-driven storytelling.  Memphis College of Art Alumnus, cartoon lover and a master of noodles.


Shane McDermott

Shane is a cartoonist & illustrator from Memphis. He was the editorial illustrator for the Commercial Appeal from 2005-2012 and Asst. Professor of Comics, Digital Painting and Illustration at Memphis College of Art from 2006-2018.  He is currently doing freelance animation work as a background artist and character designer and is hard at work on his first personal comic project.


Brando Nnadi

Pop-N-Chop is a collection of animated shorts featuring two ghosts (and a third) looking to get the best of one another.  Inspired by classic cartoon greats, we look to bring back the traditional style of cartooning with simple stories and laughter.


Jason Flowers

Jason is a comic artist from Atlanta, GA. His most recent graphic novel, A.A.I Wars is published by Caliber Comics. He has illustrated work published in Image Comics, Devils Due, Arcana Comics, and Horrorhound Magazine. He has also illustrated licensed sketch cards for Topps and Upper Deck Cards for properties such as Star Wars, Mars Attacks, Marvel Premiere, and Alien.


Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

(co-writer/ co-creator, The Shepherd, GN series with Caliber Comics, three volumes: Apokatastasis; The Path of Souls; and The Path of Dogs; 2015; 2018; 2018) – Molinari received his Ph.D. from Marquette University (1996). His previous writings vary considerably in genre and include four books, two scholarly monographs; an illustrated novel with Tyler J. Walpole: Climbing the Dragon’s Ladder: The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas (2017 by Caliber Comics); and a role-playing game: Romans and Christians A.D. 64 (2009).  Molinari also serves as a submissions editor and project editor for Caliber Comics


James Hostler

James Hostler is the Creator and Writer of 'The Bobcat' Saga. He is an Oklahoma Native and a Citizen of The Cherokee Nation. He draws from his experiences in the former Indian Territory, as well as actual accounts and events of his family and predecessors. His people are Cowboys and Indians. James has been an avid fan and collector of the comic world as well as a huge Sci-fi/Fantasy buff.


Evan Pozios

Evan is the writer and creator of TIME GRUNTS for Caliber Comics, and the writer and co-creator of the self-published supernatural gangster title JOHNNY PHANTASM. When not scripting comic books, Evan can be found at Comerica Park, rooting on his beloved Tigers. He resides in St. Clair Shores, MI.

Geoffrey Gwin

Geoffrey credits his art to an early addiction to Saturday mornign cartoons.  He has worked with Upper Deck, Dynamite Entertainment on Vampirella, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spiderman.  He is currently workng on Darkstorm for Darkstorm Entertainment.


Jeff Chandler

A studentof Auburn University and a movie junkie, Jeff uses time-honored techniques to bring new life to classic and contemporary movies.

Shawn Howe

Shawn is a Memphis-based, self-taught freelance artist.  He draws a little bit of everything from Walking Dead to Star Wars pinup art.  This is his third appearance at MCX!


Mega Coven Art

Erin Manuel creates digitally drawn pop culture and original art. Hailing from Lawrence, KS, she credits the TV show Supernatural as a big influence and the drive behind her passion for creating witchy art.  Her vivid style infuses celestial fantasy scenes with a bit of realism and familiarity.  After long days at cons, she loves to unwind with her favorite Harry Potter movie, Lord of the Rings film or delve into the world of horror & paranormal comics.


Sarah Jordan

 Sarah is a "polycrafter" from Huntsville, AL.  Polycrafter is a tern meaning she crafts in multiple mediums.  She creates colorful, geeky, nerdy fan art and original concept pieces using watercolor, acrylic paints, ink, graphite, charcoal, markers and colored pencils. She also makes dice bags & quilted fabric bookmarks from nerdy colorful fabrics, and one of a kind plushies!

Bradley Golden

Bradley Golden, a native of Pontotoc, MS, writes for Antartic Press on titles such as Mangazine, Exciting Comics, Horror Comics, and upcoming Leave On The Light.

Eddie Price

 Eddie is a freelance artist from NW Georgia.  He has quickly built his fanbase with unique 3D art, becoming known as "that 3D guy".  He is also an artist for Topps and Upper Deck, completing projects for Marvel, Star Wars and The Walking Dead.

Ella's Enchantments

Danielle Steeley first began to develop her artistic passion in high school.  Her art has since been displayed in the Huntsville Museum of Art and Panoply Art Festival.  She is continuing her studies at Auburn University where she is working on her Industrial Design degree.


Charrs Banks

Charrs is an independent comic creator from Memphis, TN.  He is the creator and artist of DIUNIVERSE Comics.

"Skooba" Steve Myers

Skooba is a comic artist that has worked on acclaimed books such as Battle for Ozellberg, and the Zaidura Chronicles from Inbeon Studios.  He also streams regularly at Twitch.tv/skoobasart and has done other collaborations on indie games and comic series.

Regine Skrydon

Regine is an anime and dragon artist from central Arkansas where she fights forest fires for her day job. On weekends Regine escapes to conventions in neighboring states to sell her fox tail keychains, dragon eggs, animal balloons, and prints. She is well known in Texas for her 7.5 ft 'The Red Dragon' costume and was featured on heroes of cosplay dawning the suit.

Bryan SilverbaX

Bryan is a veteran and former police officer that now works in comics.  His current projects are with Scout Comics and Upper Deck.


David Caldwell

David was born and raised in West TN.  He got his BFA from UT Knoxville and has been making comics ever since.  His most recent work, The Yankee Doodle Strangler, can be found on his Instagram page.


Nicholous Darmstaedter

Nick is a Memphis artist specializing in woodworking and illustrations.  Channeling his love for tabletop roleplaying, he crafts boxes and furniture with the dice rollers in mind.


Mitty's Customs

Daniel Mittermeier is a self taught scupltior who utilizes the best methods in creating custom action figures along with made from scratch head lamps.


Odd Duck Studios

One of a kind comic book watches.


Squiggle's Pixels

Squiggle's Pixels is a crafting table that provides all thing geek and nerdy thanks to perler beads!


Thacher E. Cleveland

Thacher writes a lot of things like novels Shadow of the Past, short stories The Winston Churchill supernatural private investigator series and comics Mythpocalypse.  He is also an aspiring graphic designer and actor who has appeared in several plays.


Courtney Wilson

Courtney has been doing comic and fantasy related art for several years. Her first published work was an ad for Bad Dog Comics on the back page in Stoned Ninja #1. She is working on illustrating and coloring for the 901 comics anthology. She plans to continue making art as long as people love to look at it!


Titivilus Press

Michael Hurley is a professional graphic designer and design director in the printing trade who enjoys mucking about with obsolete printing equipment on the side. Michael’s wife, Tia, works with him as a digital press operator and paper wrangler, and enjoys making all kinds of things including great food and felt ornaments. Together, they make snarky, irreverent and weird letterpress cards and prints.


Wade Acuff

Wade is an artist and animator obsessed with creating original sci-fi and fantasy art.  With a career in TV and film production (LOTR: Return of the King, Lazytown, Between the Lions), he is using his talents to branch out by creatinf comic variant covers.  You can find him streaming at twitch.tv/wadeacuff where he enjoys sharing his creative process.


Shawnee Morris 

Shawnee is a 15 year old traditional artist that has just begun working in digital art. She attends comic and anime conventions where she cosplays as her original characters and sells her artwork.  She is currently writing her first book, M.I.A.


Pettijohn Textile Goods For All Generations

Rose Pettijohn has been sewing and quilting for a decade. Her favorite fabrics to work with are vintage pieces that feature characters from the childhood classics of the seventies and eighties. She reworks these into modern usable pieces that give these fabrics a new life.



Brittany Lewis is a Memphis-based, award-winning portrait artist, illustrator, and MCX veteran.   She has helped create stunning comic cover illustrations for indie publications worldwide.



501st Legion

Mid South Garrison

The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Mandalorian Mercs - Bes'uliik Clan

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is an international STAR WARS™ costuming organization dedicated to celebrating the STAR WARS™ universe through the creation, display, and wearing of quality character costumes that represent the Mandalorian characters and culture from the STAR WARS™ sagas. The MMCC unites individuals with a common love for STAR WARS™ and the Mandalorian culture/characters while encouraging self-improvement, personal growth, family involvement, and fellowship with peers.The MMCC promotes interest in STAR WARS™ and facilitates the use of these costumes for STAR WARS™-related events as well as contributing to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Cause-Play Memphis

Cause-Play Memphis is a team of costumers who volunteer their time by visiting sick and disabled children, bringing to life their favorite characters.

Angel Of Azarath

Angel of Azarath is a Memphis-based cosplayer. She’s been cosplaying for 7 years and has traveled across the nation for her craft. Angel has competed and won several awards for her costumes at national conventions and currently works part time with a costuming company based out of Nashville called Howl FX. Her most popular cosplays have been her various versions of Raven from Teen Titans, her Tracer and Brigitte from Overwatch, and her Sypha Belnades from the Netflix anime Castlevania.


Kelli Smith

Kelli is an award winning costumer, fabricator, artist, performer, and artistic model based out of Memphis, TN. She has been an entertainter and master crafter for over 10 years and has been featured as a guest cosplayer at over 30 conventions across the United States and internationally.

Witchy Brew Cosplay

Witchy Brew is a Memphis-based cosplayer and Twitch streamer who has been cosplaying for over 3 years. She has traveled to conventions across the country and attracted a large following on Instagram and Twitch for her costumes. Witchy has cosplayed characters from a range of comics, video games, and various media properties. Some of her most notable cosplays are Starfire, Ashe, and Vados.

Bluff City Batman & The Batmobile


Bluff City IronMan

DeSoto County Ghostbusters

Strangecat Cosplay

Strangecat consists of two ambitious crafters from the Midwest who have been competing in cosplay competitions since 2013.  Carley (Cat) is the seamstress of the two, learning to sew at an early age and studying at the University of Kansas with experience in Textiles and Metalsmithing.  Victor is the crafter, usually found determining which color to use, painting small details and embroidering the finishing touches.


Brady Martin Broussard

Brady has been cosplaying since before it was called cosplay! He was born and raised in south Louisiana Cajun country. Work hard and play hard are a way of life in the bayou land. He cosplays characters he can connect with and always loves a build challenge. Welder, machinist, leather worker, tailor, photographer, and Jack of all trades. Meeting new people and sharing cosplay ideas are his passions.

DeSoto County Spiderman

Desoto County Spider-Man is a kid’s performer and cosplayer. He attends kid’s birthday parties, festivals, sporting and charity events. He also hosts his own charity event each year called “Desoto County Spider-Man’s Birthday Bash” where the kids in the community come to celebrate “Spider-Man’s Birthday” but the focus is to collect toys to be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He is very active in his community and has a passion for the work he does. “If you have the power to make even one child smile, you have the responsibility to do so.”


Chris Jowers

Chris is a character performer, Chatterbox Audio voice actor, and the author of the Viking Horror tale Lostborn forged and corrupted in Memphis, TN. Saturday he will be on hand as the Clown Prince of Crime unleashing "merriment, mayhem, and chaos for the enjoyment of the con going public!

Robin Burks

Robin is an entertainment and science/technology writer, published author, avid con-goer and cosplayer. She currently writes about pop culture and entertainment for Screen Rant. Robin is also the author of a series of speculative fiction novels: Zeus, Inc.; The Curse of Hekate; and Return of The Titans. In 2014, Indie Reader named the protagonist of that series, Alex Grosjean, as one of its Top Five Smart, Strong and Relatable Female Characters. The series was also inducted into the 2018 Darrell Awards Coger Hall of Fame. Robin, who currently lives in Missouri with her five cats, loves all things French and has a serious obsession with Doctor Who.


Comics & Collectibles

Since 1986, Comics & Collectibles has been the Mid-South's favorite destination for comics, graphic novels, games and collectibles.  They'll have vintage & new comics, discount bins, new action figures & toys, plus collectibles & statues for you to purchase!


Surreal Comics & Cards - CGC

Gene Valport, GCG Witness & CGC Facilitator will be on hand both days!



A facillitator for CBCS will be on hand to accept submissions for comic book grading and signature verification services.

The Retro

The Retro in Millington, TN features 4000sq feet of vintage and new pinball machines, arcade games, pool tables, skeeball and more!  A family friendly spot that also hosts birthday parties and events!  The Retro is bringing pinball machines and arcade games to MCX this year for you to play for FREE!

ARC Memphis Virtual Reality

MCX has partnered with ARC Memphis to provide FREE Virtual Reality for attendees! Stop by their booth and check it out!


Boomer Comics

Boomer Comics LOVES comics and focuses on Golden, Silver and Bronze age with a mix of graded and raw books.

Caliber Comics

Graphic novels, original character artwork & t-shirts featuring original art. They will also look at artist and creator portfolios! Some big names got their start at Caliber including: Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, David Mack, Phil Hester, James O'Barr, Mike Perkins and Guy Davis. Meet Caliber artists and writers: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, Jason Flowers and James Hostler at MCX!


Amurica Photo

Cosplay photos and the famous Amurica photobooth!

The Fantasy Dragon

Geeky stuff for all you anime, gaming and cosplay fans!

The Long Box Comics

Comics, toys, action figures, statues, Funko Pops and more!



Yarniverse is a geeky knit/crochet shop in the Broad Avenue Arts District in Memphis.  They will have knit and crochet kits for your favorite fandoms as well as taking orders for custom Hogwart's robes!  Want your Hogwart's robe ready for pickup at MCX?  Reach out to them on social media!

Fan Girls Gear

Handmade purses and accessories with comics, sci-fi and general nerdy appeal!

Sho'Nuff Comics

Vintage and new comics, POP figures, Star Trek Eaglemoss ships, Statues, and Action Figures.

Tasty Peach Studios

A sweet, unique boutique offering original designs in plush, apparel, accessories and more!


All American Collectibles

Comics, toys, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, original comic art and Japanese snacks.

Pain't It Cool Body Art

Amanda from Pain't it Cool does amazing work!  Face painting, henna, temporary glitter tattoos, body painting and more!  She's also available for birthday parties, church, school and corporate events, picnics, family reunions, baby showers, dog weddings, moon landings... you name it, she will pain't it cool!

GeminiGrey Creations

A menagerie of creations of the geeky persuasion!
Minifigures galore along with handmade items like mugs, tumblers, decals, metal signs and other assorted collectibles!

Black Water Crafts

Handmade items for everyone in the family! Hand-knit hats, scarves, toys & hair accessories.  Hand-made puzzles, unicorn headbands, girl's dresses and purses. Hand-drawn stickers and more!

Launch Chiropractic

Health assessments with their NASA technology!  It's FREE, fun and informative!


Grab N Go Power Supply

Superhero & comic style power banks and cell phone accessories.

A Handmade Touch

Handmade items of all kinds!  Dice bags, purses, totes, costumes, quilts, clothing, game bags, kitchenwares, goat soap & spa products, jewelry and more!

Eric's Secret Stash

Come by and check out the man, the myth and the legend. The Stash has the finest selection of toys, figures and statues in the mid-south. He knows his business, charges fair prices and is a staple on the southern convention scene. If he ain't got it, you don't need it.  Or, so he says. Eric also has great appreciation for well done cosplay, Guinness & Notre Dame football so say hello at MCX!

A & J Comics

Comics and collectibles!

Corset Punk and Kilts

Authentic steel bone corsets, utility kilts, and sterling silver jewelry

Epic City Comics

Epic City Comics buys, sells and trades new and used comics online and at conventions. Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age books featuring your favorite characters!

Collector's Rebellion

Minifigs, patches, ID badges, magnets, prints, decals and other pop culture items!


Wizards Comics & Posters

Collector's Paradise

Comics, action figures, toys, cards, and more!

DnD Apothecary

Dungeons and Dragons themed candles, soaps, bath bombs, journals, & custom dice.

Neon Culture

Handmade cosplay neon glow masks, googles and glasses.

B&B Collections

B&B Collections, located in Jonesboro AR, is owned by two guys with a similar love of pop culture. They sell comics, collectibles and all things nerdy and cater to local artists by giving them a space to showcase their talents. At MCX, they will sell fan art, fan made items, posters, comics and more!

Flames of the Phoenix

Comic books, specializing in variant covers and signed book!

One Up TCG

Plushes, Pops, Statues, Amine Memorabilia, Gundams, Board Games and Trading Cards


Fanboy Entertainment

Comics, t-shirts, stickers and more!

Anime Palace

Import toys, plush and models!  They make a lot of the plush styles and are well known where ever they go!

Fortress Comics

Comics and Funko Pops!

AKA Comics

Comics & toys.


Edge Gaming

Comics, toys, video games, and more!

Broken Robot Toys

Toys, comics and collectibles!

Chris Has Issues

Comics!  Selection ranging from silver to modern. Hot comics, key issues and hard to find books is his specialty!


Stay Tooned! /Studio

Discount art supplies and how-to books for comic & manga artists!

Eddie Pore Collectibles

New and vintage toys!

LotusNight Entertainment

Awesome fan art, canvases and models coming together to push out the hero in you!


What the.... NERD???

Vintage toys, action figures, comics, video games & collectibles!

Sam's Comics

All Day Comics & Collectibles




Handcrafted Italian gelato and sorbets on a stick!  All natural, fresh ingredients.

Tipsy Tumbler

Beer, wine and comic themed cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks!

Good Scoops & Good Girls BBQ

BBQ, Nachos, Hot Dogs & more!

Moe's Southwest Grill

Tacos and more!



Literacy Mid-South




River Region Comic Con


Anime Blues Con

Mid South Con


Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention



4/10/19 - Paul Gulacy

6/10/19 - Steve Leiber

8/16/19 - Michael Moreci

9/9/19 - Artgerm Collectibles

10/5/19 - Drixian Imagination

10/5/19 - Chris Schweizer

10/15/19 - Dietrich O Smith

10/16/19 - CBCS - there will be a CBCS Facilitator instead

Guests and vendors are subject to change or cancellation.  All changes will be posted to this page as they become available.  Guests are scheduled to appear Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise listed.