Gene Ha provided the art for Top 10 written by Alan Moore, and more recently produced Mae for Dark Horse. He's had a great career with lots of credits for Marvel, DC, and most every other publisher. 

Chris Burnham is the #1 New York Times Bestselling Artist of Batman Incorporated, and co-creator of Officer Downe with Joe Casey, and Nameless with Grant Morrison.

Kyle Baker has won 8 Eisner awards and was responsible for producing Why I Hate Saturn, Nat Turner, several Deadpool Max books, The Cowboy Wally Show, and a host of other awesome books in a legendary comic career spanning 40 years. Mr. Baker also provided the art for an exclusive MCX! 2017 t-shirt.

Darick Robertson is the artist and co-creator of Transmetropolitan with Warren Ellis, The Boys with Garth Ennis, and Happy with Grant Morrison.

Nick Pitarra is an American comic book artist known for his numerous collaborations with writer Jonathan Hickman, which include The Red Wing and Manhattan Projects, both released through Image Comics. Pitarra is a member of Ten Ton Studios.

Ty Templeton is well known for his work on Batman Adventures, Stig's Inferno, Simpsons, and a host of others in a storied career as an artist, writer and inker.

Bob McLeod is most well known for co-creating the New Mutants with Chris Claremont, but he has had a long storied career with many Marvel and DC credits including Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, and Wolverine.

Mike McKone is a British comic book artist who has done a broad array of work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, including runs on Amazing Spider-Man, Detective Comics, Superman, and Avengers.

Brian Level is an artist known for his work on Batman, Deadpool, Secret Empire: Brave New World, Lazarus, and X-O Manowar, among others.

Mike Norton is best known for his work on Revival, Battlepug, Runaways, Gravity, and many more.

Matthew Southworth is a comic artist living in Seattle, WA. His most notable work is Stumptown, a modern noir series written by Greg Rucka and published by Oni Press. He has also worked on Spider-Man: The Grim Hunt (Marvel Comics) and illustrated a Killer Croc story for DC Comics. Southworth has also worked as an inker on several projects, including Ares for Marvel Comics and Infinity, Inc. for DC Comics.

Walter Jones is internationally known for his creation of the character Zach, the Black Ranger from the children’s action adventure phenomenon The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He has been featured as a series regular or guest star in over 150 episodes of various shows, and has been featured in 7 films. Some of his credits include: The Shield, CSI, the long running comedy hit Moesha, and the upcoming action feature Speed Demons. Walter’s recent voice-over acting jobs includes work on Step Up 4, Death Race 3, and GI Joe 2.

Rikki Simons is a voice actor, writer, and artist, most famous for being the voice of Gir the robot from the beloved series Invader ZIM on Nickelodeon. He also wrote the Robotech Clone comic series, and has done voice work on Mighty Magiswords among other shows.

Jerry "The King" Lawler  is an American professional wrestler, wrestling commentator, musician, businessman, commercial artist, and film actor. He is currently signed to WWE, working as a commentator and occasional wrestler. He also wrestles and occasionally commentates for the Memphis Wrestling promotion. Lawler is a former world champion, and has held 168 championships throughout his career.


Andy Field, pro voice actor, is best known as the "friendly" voice of Hand Unit, the smooth-talking computer guide through Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. He's also in the fast-paced sci-fi shooter Nelo, and makes terrifying sounds for the zombie survival game Contagion.

Ryan Browne is best known for his work on Curse Words with Charles Soule, and God Hates Astronauts, both published by Image Comics.

Kyle Starks is an American comic book artist and writer known for his work on Rock Candy Mountain, Sexcastle for Image Comics, Kill Them All and Rick & Morty for Oni. His work has appeared in Squirrel Girl and he has run several successful Kickstarter projects.

Epyon5 is a full-time artist who resides in central Illinois. Although originally an oil painter trained in the fine art of renaissance style realism, his focus has shifted to a more contemporary style of stencils and spray paint while combining elements of old world design. E5 (the short hand name which he goes by) exhibits his work on a regular basis in cities such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as having contributed graphic design work seen in the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. In addition to his regular exhibition work, E5 is currently working on a comic book series that utilizes the art of stencils to illustrate a story based on real life occult events.

Katrina Catizone grew up on the mean streets of Gary, IN but now resides in East Central IL as a full-time artist. She is self-taught and specializes in photorealistic and hyper-realistic charcoal portraits. Katrina enjoys challenging herself by rendering rich textures, such as facial creases, textile fibers, hair, and metallic armor with her trusty charcoal pencils. Upon viewing her work for the first time, people are often astonished to discover her portraits are done in charcoal and are not photographs. Her work can be found on Facebook.

Chad Bowers has written Deadpool: Bad Blood GN with artist Rob Liefeld, X-Men '92, Ash vs Army Of Darkness, Youngblood, Guardians Of The Galaxy MU, Swordquest, and more.

Chris Schweizer is the writer and artist on Creeps and Crogan Adventures, as well as the colorist on Rock Candy Mountain from Image Comics.

Chad Thomas is a comic book artist known for his work on TMNT: Amazing Adventures and Mega Man, and for providing covers for Adventure Time and My Little Pony among others.

Andy Hirsch is an American comic book artist known for his work on Regular Show, Adventure Time, Garfield, and Baker Street Peculiars for Boom Comics and Varmints for First Second.

Benito Cereno is a comic book writer known for his work on Hector Plasm, Robert Kirkman's Invincible spinoffs, The Tick, and Tales from the Bully Pulpit.

Matt Wilson is the author of three books about the exploits of the supervillain King Oblivion, Ph.D.: The Supervillain Handbook, The Supervillain Field Manual and, most recently, King Oblivion's memoir, Supreme Villainy. He also writes the digital-first comic series Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective and the upcoming Everything Will Be Okay, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year. He is the co-host of the War Rocket Ajax and Movie Fighters podcasts with Chris Sims.

Dietrich Smith is a respected animator and comic book artist whose work has been on display through various companies like Marvel, DC, Sony, MGM, and more. His recent work is on the award winning series Shaft from Dynamite Comics. In his spare time he protects the world from time traveling bandits.

Rick Burchett is best known for his work on Batman Adventures and Superman Adventures but he has done lots of comic work over the years as an inker, penciller, colorist, writer, and artist.

Matt Horak is the penciller for the current Punisher series with Becky Cloonan for Marvel Comics, and he has worked on Covenant with Rob Liefeld for Image Comics, as well as work on Amazing Forest and Paybacks.

Weston Notestine is a Memphis, TN native who you might find drawing spooky stuff, drawing regular stuff, listening to devil music, watching spooky films, or unloading the dishwasher.

Chris Haley is an award winning cartoonist and co-creator of the webcomic Let's Be Friends Again. His artwork has appeared in comics published by Boom! Studios, IDW, and Monkeybrain Press, and he writes a number of recurring features at

Dean Zachary has illustrated various titles including Batman, Superboy, Green Lantern, The Night Man, Hawk & Dove, Sliders, Jonny Quest, and Phoenix. Dean is currently developing a creator owned property.

Peter Melonas has had a lengthy and varied artistic career. He has been a professional artist, illustrator, and graphic designer for over 35 years, beginning in 1978. He specializes in multimedia production by creating images of characters represented within the mainstream of pop culture.

Martheus Wade has done work for Image Comics, Shooting Star Comics, Approbation Comics, IDW, and Action Lab among others. His creator-owned graphic novels Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel have been licensed for motion pictures, and his newest comic book, Shinobi: Ninja Princess, has been picked up by Action Lab Entertainment.

Janet Wade had a chance meeting one summer when a college writing class hooked her up with a young man who had aspirations of creating his own comic book. Something called Jetta. She married the guy and became his inker and co-writer. And eventually they had a kid and named him Anakin, because they were not only artists, but Star Wars geeks as well.

Lin Workman is the creator of the webcomic/geek travel blog Have Geek Will Travel, the webcomic Scared Silly, and is co-creator of the self-published comic book series Bushi Tales, with Pencil Neck Studios partner Dave Beaty. He has contributed his talents to numerous comics, novels, and card sets. Lin has done several one-man art shows around the Memphis area, and is a member of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association and DeSoto Artists Council.

Jim Hall is a veteran penciller who has been in the comic field long enough to accrue credits on such titles such as Star Wars: Purge, Silver Surfer, Avengers, and Jonny Quest, among others.

Kelly Williams has worked for a variety of publishers including Dark Horse, Alterna Comics, and Topshelf. Williams was the artist and co-creator of video game parody web comic Co-Op, and was the creator of Jungle Planet with Topsoilcomics.


Candy Girl Cosplay (Chelsea) has been doing cosplays for only a little over two years. She started originally by just visiting hospitals with a volunteer group, Cause-Play Memphis, as well as her local 501st Star Wars team. She makes a lot of her own cosplays and is excited to get involved with conventions for 2017.

Angel of Azarath is a young Memphis-based cosplayer, known mostly for her portrayals of Raven, Enchantress, and Batgirl. She has gained a following on Instagram and YouTube for her cosplay, and often volunteers her time at local children's hospitals with Cause-Play Memphis.

Anthony Max is the writer and artist behind The Golden Silence, a noir detective mystery set in the future of Memphis. When he isn't creating comics, he can be found illustrating skin at No Regrets Tattoo Emporium. He posts a steady stream of work on Instagram and Facebook.

Josh Lindsey is the creator of the webcomic series Postmodern. He spends most of his time doing weird freelance concept art and making pseudo-political comics.

Alejandro Morales is an independent author born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He has written several books, including erotic dramas (the Cougar trilogy) and suspenseful thrillers (The Release and The Release Part II). Alejandro is currently working on several projects and speaking to several production companies regarding his books. Check him out online and follow him on Twitter.

Skoot Starnes was born and raised in Memphis. Skoot grew up reading comics and watching the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons on Saturday mornings with his brothers and sisters. Since he was little, he has wanted to draw comics professionally, and now it's time to finally make that dream a reality.

Christian Goins has been a tattoo artist and painter in the Memphis area for 15 years. Besides living canvases, he also does commissioned paintings for clients across the country. He credits comic book art as an early influence for his life-long passion for all things art.

Cristian Anzures is an illustrator, cartoonist, and the creator of the comic Inprysa. He occasionally plays D&D and invents trinkets. Stop by as he brings a robot to sell his comics, magnets, prints, and more.

Ken Lowery is a comic book writer from Dallas, Texas, and mostly he likes to write weirdo horror comics about doomed people. Sometimes they're funny.

Gavin Guidry is a comic artist based in Southeast Louisiana, and a former Memphis College of Art student, currently working as a Background Assistant for Robert Wilson IV on Heartthrob with Oni Press. He has past credits including art on The Night Driver with writer Ken Lowery, as well as an historical non-fiction OGN, along with Kody Chamberlain, for their home state of Louisiana.

Eric Nyamor is an illustrator from Nashville. His works consist of fun mashups and crossovers of popular 80s and 90s characters. He puts a fun spin on each of his characters to help bring back nostalgic moments.

Taylor Sterry is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a B.F.A in Studio Art. Her work is focused on animation, illustration, and character design, and is produced mainly with Photoshop. She lives and works in Lexington, KY.

Timothy D. Cribbs is an African American author, who is known for his gritty storytelling and his creative mind. His first self-published and self-promoted creation is an independent graphic novel titled Graven Circle, which is influenced by the 1800s era and inspired by Westerns, anime, and Black history.

GhostWriterX has provided art for Swordquest, Mysterious Strangers, Down Set Fight, and Batman '66 among others.

Aaron Walther is a self published, self employed, and self congratulating writer from the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. When he's not holed up in a basement "writing" comics, he hosts Comic DNA, a podcast where he and other indie creators discuss their favorite comics.

Margaret Perez is an up and coming illustrator who works with bright colors and every kind of animal you could imagine. Margaret’s current illustrations feature cute and ferocious brightly colored three-headed animals ranging from hyenas to French bull dogs.

Laura Lester is a local illustration and comics student who likes to create colorful traditional and digital paintings, with subject matter ranging from animals to people, fanart and original characters. One of her favorite things to do is take digital 2-D characters and give them a different life and image through traditional media.

Ed Bickford is the artist of American Chop Suey and The Birdlander, among others.

Sam Payne is a pinup and comic artist from Nashville. Some of his most recent works include variant covers for the Archie Comics relaunch of Betty & Veronica #1 and Josie & the Pussycats#1, as well as his self-published Pop-Tartz pinup/sketchbook.
Greg Cravens earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Memphis State University, and worked in advertising. He has drawn cartooning work including many activity books and coloring books for the likes of Shoney’s restaurants, Perkins restaurants, FedEx, Piggly Wiggly, Hampton Inns, Homewood Suites, Embassy Suites, Memphis Grizzlies, IPNI, Baptist Hospitals, Morgan Keegan, and more. He is the illustrator of the Lewis the Duck series of books available at Homewood Suites hotels.
Kathryn “Kit” White is a cartoonist/illustrator/graphic designer. Besides comics, she enjoys drawing cartoon portraits of people and pets, and is currently experimenting with collage, mixed media, altered books and objects.
Mikey Babinski is a professional inker whose dramatic lines have graced the pages of Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and a slew of independent books. At Marvel, he slung ink on Scarlet Spider, Amazing Spider-Man, She-Hulk, X-23, Hulk vs Dracula, and Deadpool covers. His DC work includes Wonder Woman, JSA vs Kobra, Power of Shazam, and Outsiders. Independent works include The Perhapanauts for Image Comics, Farscape at BOOM! and Sniper & Rook at Beta 3 Comics.
Matt Kaminski is a graphic designer, MCA alumnus, and freelance artist who is currently working on some gaming projects as well as some of his own personal creations.
Inkpot Comix is an independent comic book publisher based in Memphis, Tennessee, founded by Winston Jordan and Michael Armstrong in November 2016. Today Inkpot Comix publishes about five titles and is looking to double that by the end of the year. Their goal is to bring you the very best in independent comic entertainment in a diverse range of genres.
John Cooley is the owner of Fanboy Comics Group, the publisher of Warrior Breed, Rise of the Golden Dragon, Fanboy Presents, Gauge Boson, and Mr. Omega. In his spare time he makes action figures, cosplay costumes, prop weapons, and his neighbors very unhappy.
Shawn Howe is a self-taught artist from the Memphis area and does everything from Star Wars to pin ups to sports portraits. He has been a successful freelance artist for the past five years, but this is his first convention appearance.
Courtney Wilson has been drawing for many years off and on for fun, until about a year and a half ago when she found her love of golden age comic book covers, which sparked her new style and love of the comic and mystical worlds.
Charlie Forrester is a Memphis-based painter, illustrator, and muralist.
Charles Ettinger is a cartoonist and comic book artist from Memphis, TN. He produces The Town of Skyward.
Kevin Hayman is an artist/writer and designer from Jackson, MS. His webcomic series include: Kota's World ('00-'05), The Errant Apprentice ('06-current), and Mailbox Rocketship ('14-current).
Bryan Crowson is a freelance artist in Birmingham, AL. He tends to create art with a geeky, nerdy, or humorous twist. He does portrait commissions and creates whimsical art to sell as prints at various events and science fiction conventions. He mainly works in pencil and Prismacolor pencils on paper.
Josh Anderson is a freelance artist and graphic designer. He is from Burlison, TN and has a BFA from the University of Memphis.
Adam and Kelli Conklin are a husband and wife duo of adorableness wanting to spread our happiness via art prints, commissions, and handmade crafts.
John Martin is a Memphis native working his way into the industry with taps from Maw Productions and Heycat Comics. He has also slung ink on a short web comic, Box of Oddity, that was on The Buzz Kill Magazine.
Larry Cathey has enjoyed a 25 year career in advertising and media development, working both in the agency and corporate environments. Larry’s medical technique illustrations have been published in national as well as international medical journals. Larry began Heycat Comics with the introduction of the flagship title, Mek Corp – a story of a dystopian future with the hope for new light, but at the cost of the life of another universe. Heycat Comics also has a new collaboration with J.F. Pereira of Spain on a new series titled Steam Spirit.