Chris Claremont will be a Special Guest for the 2018 Memphis Comic Expo, appearing on Saturday, October 20, ONE DAY ONLY. Claremont is a New York Times Best Selling Author, but he is best known for his 17 year run on Uncanny X-Men. Look to for eBooks in all formats, new projects and appearance information. Contact Beth Fleisher at for further information on all things Chris Claremont. Autographs will be $5.00 each & $10.00 for Certified Grading.

Donny Cates has written God Country, Redneck, and Baby Teeth, and is currently writing Thanos and Dr. Strange for Marvel Comics. He will be rebooting Venom later this year and taking over Bendis' Spider-Man.

Larry Hama is a writer/penciler/editor/actor who has worked in comics, TV, and film. He is best known as the writer of Marvel’s GI Joe comics in the ‘80s, and as the writer of Marvel’s Wolverine in the ‘90s. He has also written, edited, or drawn for Avengers, Nth Man, The Nam, Conan, Batman, Wonder Woman, Bizarre Adventures, X-Men, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and dozens more. His illustrations and cartoons have appeared in National Lampoon, Esquire, New York, and Rolling Stone. He currently scripts Call of Duty: Black Ops III for Dark Horse, and GI Joe: ARAH for IDW. He has appeared on Broadway in Sondheim’s Pacific Overtures, and on TV in M*A*S*H, SNL, and Another World.

Mike Grell is best know for his work on Green Arrow, Legion of Super Heroes, Batman, Warlord, Jon Sable, and Shaman's Tears. Grell has been working professionally in comics since the seventies and he still produces work that keeps the fans wanting more.

Kevin Maguire is a veteran comic artist who has worked on Justice League, Captain America, Batman, X-Men, and more. His smooth line work and facial expressions are instantly recognizable to knowledgeable fans.

Kevin Nowlan is one of the best illustrators on the planet, and he's frequently referred to as an "artists's artist," a master of the various disciplines of comic production, from design to draftsmanship to dramatics. He has worked on Dr. Strange, Tomorrow Stories with Alan Moore, X-Men, Hellboy, and more.

Josh Anderson is a freelance artist and graphic designer. He is from Burlison, TN and has a BFA from the University of Memphis.

Lin Workman is the creator of the webcomic/geek travel blog Have Geek Will Travel, the webcomic Scared Silly, and is co-creator of the self-published comic book series Bushi Tales, with Pencil Neck Studios partner Dave Beaty. He has contributed his talents to numerous comics, novels, and card sets. Lin has done several one-man art shows around the Memphis area, and is a member of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association and DeSoto Artists Council.

Martheus Wade has done work for Image Comics, Shooting Star Comics, Approbation Comics, IDW, and Action Lab among others. His creator-owned graphic novels Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel have been licensed for motion pictures, and his newest comic book, Shinobi: Ninja Princess, has been picked up by Action Lab Entertainment.

Janet Wade had a chance meeting one summer when a college writing class hooked her up with a young man who had aspirations of creating his own comic book. Something called Jetta. She married the guy and became his inker and co-writer. And eventually they had a kid and named him Anakin, because they were not only artists, but Star Wars geeks as well.

Matt Kaminski is a graphic designer, MCA alumnus, and freelance artist who is currently working on some gaming projects as well as some of his own personal creations.

Anthony Max is the writer and artist behind The Golden Silence, a noir detective mystery set in the future of Memphis. When he isn't creating comics, he can be found illustrating skin at No Regrets Tattoo Emporium. He posts a steady stream of work on Instagram and Facebook.

Angel of Azarath is a young Memphis-based cosplayer, known mostly for her portrayals of Raven, Enchantress, and Batgirl. She has gained a following on Instagram and YouTube for her cosplay, and often volunteers her time at local children's hospitals with Cause-Play Memphis.

Chris Haley is an award winning cartoonist and co-creator of the webcomic Let's Be Friends Again. His artwork has appeared in comics published by Boom! Studios, IDW, and Monkeybrain Press, and he writes a number of recurring features at