Agricenter International – Entrance in Wing C of the Expo Building
(if you zoom in on the Google map below, Wing C is located where it is marked “Maxwell Driving School”)
7777 Walnut Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120
FREE PARKING on premise.

Expo Hours:
Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
VIP Ticket holders will have early entry privileges at 9:30am both days.



Security Provided by W.A.S.P – Watchmen and Security Process. 



Be prepared to have your costume weapons, bags, etc. inspected by security as needed.

MCX wristband must be snugly attached and visible at all times when inside the venue. Attendees age 13 and above seen inside without a wristband will be asked to purchase one or leave the event.  Lost or stolen wristbands or lanyards will be replaced for the current ticket price.

NO SMOKING or VAPING inside the venue.  If you must smoke or vape, please go outside and away from the entrance doors.


MCX has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for harassment or misconduct of any kind, including verbal, physical, sexual or otherwise. Anyone who violates this policy will be ejected and banned from attending future MCX events.


Per our contract with the Agricenter, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE.  This includes dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, etc.  If you have a service dog, it must have proper service animal ID on at all times and is subject to security check.  Non-service animals will not be permitted inside.


Backpacks and bags are allowed at MCX, but please note that security may ask to see inside, including unzipping pockets, etc.


MCX does not allow real or functional weapons of any sort inside the venue.

NO real guns – this includes functioning guns that are not loaded or are non-functioning

NO Nerf guns or similar that have the capability to  fire projectiles

NO swords, knives or other sharp weapons with a metal blade

NO nunchucks or throwing stars

NO metal, aluminum or wooden bats or batons

NO functioning projectile weapons

NO spikes, protrusions, or sharp edges that could harm a person

NO airhorns, bullhorns or sirens

If your costume requires a weapon prop, it is subject to inspection at the entrance.  If weapon is deemed unsafe or unacceptable, you will be required to return it to your vehicle.


Replica or costume weapons made from foam, plastic, etc. are allowed as long as they do not fire projectiles and do not have sharp edges or protrusions that could be harmful.

Costumes and props must not contain hate speech or vulgarities in any language or symbols.

Lightsabers and wands are acceptable.

Swords or knives purchased from MCX vendors must be zip-tied inside a sheath and remain so while inside the venue.

MCX reserves the right to deny entry or remove a person, animal or vendor from the event at any time without refund.