Artist Alley tables are currently sold out.  Please click here to apply for the waitlist.

Check out the awesome lineup of talent that will be in Artist Alley!  Illustrators, writers, makers and more!  Closer to the event, a map will be posted on this site so you can easily find your favorite creators at the show!

2MMNY Traditional anime art with prints available along with the rarest metal cards in the world.

ALI D ART features all sorts of goodies from all sorts of fandoms! Stickers, prints, keychains, buttons, pins, even mugs! From Pokémon to Marvel, Ali D Art celebrates nerdiness with whimsical fun!

APREAVERSE WRITING Matthew Aprea is a writer from Connecticut who is ready to share the world of the universes he is creating through his writing. He has two books published through Amazon and is almost ready to announce his third book.

ARTISTICRAM Remi the ram here, creating cute and fun artworks is my game! From plushies to adorable yet funny stickers I try to reach those around me. .

ARTXHOOD Hi, I’m a anime/ comic artist. I’m open for a commissions. I’m also a huge fan of anime.

ATMA HANDCRAFTED DICEWORKS & ODDITIES Hey there! I’m a local dicesmith who’s all about the art of handcrafted dice. If you’re into beautiful dice and quirky oddities, you gotta swing by my booth. I pour my heart into every set of dice I create, making sure they’re not only stunning but totally unique. Come support a local artist and add some beautiful dice to your hoard.

BOWIE ART From New Orleans, Damon Bowie has been a professional artist since 16. On the comic con circuit for 16 years, Bowie also does projects for trading cards, book publishers and fine art purveyors.

BRAYZ ART is a comic artist and illustrator specializing in heavy ink, ink wash, and watercolor traditional artwork. I have independent comics, covers, prints, original art, and commissions for sale.

BRITTANY LEWIS I BLEWIS ARTS Brittany is an award winning, Memphis-based illustrator & author. She creates artwork with a touch of nostalgia and an abundance of magic.

ART BY CAINE Chicago born Tattoo artist and painter.

CALL ME MIDAS is an illustrator based out of Memphis, TN. They specialize in handmade stickers, prints, keychains, and custom ink & watercolor paintings.

CHAD THOMAS - THE SPECTRAL VOID Chad is the creator and artist of the sci-fi comic "The Spectral Void." and also does comic book colorist work and other fan art.

CHARMED PEDDLER - Handmade vintage and steampunk inspired Bookmarks (Vintage-style bookmarks using natural stones, cameos, beads and pop culture cabachons, original art card stock bookmarks using watercolors & inks, Beaded & Crystal Suncatchers).

CHARRS BANKS is an up and coming comic book artist from Memphis Tennessee. He is the creator and owner of DIUNIVERSE COMICS. Come and see his unique and fresh take on superheroes.

CHRIS HALEY is an award-winning cartoonist and podcaster who shares responsibility/blame for co-creating the webcomic "Let's Be Friends Again" and the podcast "The Gravity Falls Gossiper". His artwork has appeared in comics published by Boom! Studios, IDW, and Monkeybrain Press.

COSMIC CANDY SHOPPE sells a wide variety of jfashion and kidcore inspired jewelry and accessories! We handcraft all our jewelry and design our own pins and other goods. If you’re looking for a statement piece for any outfit we have you covered!

DEEGAN PUCHKORS is a professional comic book illustrator and cover artist from Atlanta Georgia. He has created covers for Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment titles such as Supermassive, Radiant Pink, Mark Millars Night Club, and James Tynion’s The Closet, among many others.

DELIGHTFULLY WEIRD Jessi Gaston is an artist/craftsman that focuses on imagery that is "delightfully weird", strange but fun to see, naive in appearance but giving solace in the fantastical, cute, and strange as an escape from reality. She focuses on illustration, unique accessories, and novelty items.

DEV MADAN An artist with over 30 years in the video games and comics industries, with positions as Creative Director for the Plants Vs Zombies Franchise at PopCap Games, founder of Loose Cannon Studios, Art Director at Sucker Punch Productions for the Sly Cooper series as well as helped launch Humongous Entertainment with such characters as Putt Putt, Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam.

DIABLO GRANDE ARTS Jose Alvarez is a freelance comics artist, character designer, figure artist

DIAST CARTOONS creates comics and artwork. Currently running an all ages comic book series called, "The Common Days of Cade".

DIE BOLD COMICS is a comic book writer. Worked with Fantagraphics, Innovation, Malibu, Kitchen Sink, Antarctica Press and others. My imprint Die Bold Comics has published over a dozen comics, such as Two Tons of Fury starring Herbie the Fat Fury and Fatman the Human Flying Saucer.

EMMAN CASALLOS has been an artist for sketch cards, magazines and comics. His most recent works are with Dynamite Entertainment on titles such as, Pathfinder: Wake the Dead, Savage Tales, and Army of Darkness Vs. The Reanimator.

FANCIFULL ART - PETER MELONAS - Peter’s love of detail is evident throughout his meticulous line work in his black-and-white drawings. This Freelance artist demonstrates a particular style and skill. It’s art based on modern pop culture and the mass media, as an artistic output that is dominant in a society at a given point in time. This artist produces a positive and unforgettable "first impression.”

FIRSTBORNE CREATIVE STUDIO - blends magical aesthetics with fandom, featuring prints, stickers, enamel pins and more. From horror to magical girls and everything in between, there is sure to be something for everyone.

ART OF GEOFFREY GWIN Geoffrey is a comic book artist for Darkstorm comics as well as sketch card artist for Upperdeck

GEORGEO BROOKS Brooks is a local comic artist and anime connoisseur. Since graduating from the mythical Memphis College of Art, he has done work with comic publishers such as Dark Horse (Immortals: Fenyx Rising) and Oni Press (TBA). If expressive manga-inspired art is what you seek, Georgeo's table is well worth the visit.

GREG CRAVENS is a Memphis Cartooning Mainstay- having done artwork for FedEx, The Memphis Zoo, The Grizzlies, Jack Pirtle's Chicken, and more others than you'd be wise to shake a stick at- he is now a syndicated and web cartoonist, and the Membership Chair for the National Cartoonist Society (est. 1946). Ask him about joining the NCS yourself!

HARRIS LENTZ, III DANCING GRIFFIN PRESS - Author of over 50 books on fantasy, science, fiction, horror, comics, world history, assassinations, and Obituaries in the Performing Arts for over 40 years.


HILLY MILLY SHOPPE Specializes in custom made bags, wallets and more featuring your favorite characters.

HUSTLE ARTS - A young artist aiming to change the comic book industry with his new style

I CAN DRAW Eric Naymor is a freelance illustrator from Nashville. He designs prints of some of his favorite characters and mash them up. He will be selling prints, stickers, magnets, and pins of his artwork.

INKED MOON ARTS Vanessa Waites is an award winning tattoo artist and illustrator with young artist McKenley Cantrell, an aspiring comic creator sharing their first self-published comic.

JAKE BOSTAIN A jack of all trades comic artist who has worked with many content creators such as Hasan Piker, Good Mythical Morning, and more. Released his first original comic The Middle of The Other Side in 2022.

JASON TURNER ART is the artist of The Ripper Gene and cover artist of My Brothers Blood Machine by Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria.

JOHN MARTIN THE ARTISTIC VIKING is an inker and cover artist who has worked for Silverline comics for their Friar Rush and Wolf Hunter titles. He has also done work for Bryan SilverBax’s Kerra Prime Universe, cover for 2032 for charter comics ,inks over Mitch Foust on the back to earth short story, inking a pinup in steamage wasteland for anarctic press, and sketch cards for dynamite and upper deck/Marvel.

JOHN SORRELL is a horror artist/illustrator and also self publishes Morgue Rot Magazine, a fanzine dedicated to metal music, horror and art.

JONI MILLER is your local Deep South Demon Host. I draw inspiration from ugly horror movies, tacky dialogue, and rude cartoons.

JORDAN GIBSON is a freelance illustrator and comic creator based out of Austin, TX. He has worked for DC, Marvel, Image, and Boom Studios. Gibson is best known for his work on DC Comics’ acclaimed Batman: The Adventures Continue with series writers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini.

JOSH ANDERSON ART - I'm a graphic artist/designer. I do portraits and pinups of original and established characters as well as create my own original comics.

ART OF JOSH C. LYMAN - Comic Book Artist and freelance illustrator, Josh enjoys creating everything from original art on sketchcovers, to published variant covers, and numerous licensed projects over the years! From comics to cartoons, even anime to video games...every piece is an adventure! Come check out the latest doodles from his creative endeavors!

JUST A PHASE CRAFTS 3d Prints for all your gaming needs! Dice Towers, Dice Holders, Console Holders and more!

KATIE SLVERWINGS is an artist and science fiction author. Silverwings' Strange Space series centers around an optimistic, adventurous future with friendly aliens and the occasional talking bird who wants to be a starship captain. In addition to drawing all of the art for Strange Space, Silverwings also creates unique artworks in glass, leather, and textiles.

KEL MADE IT is a one person business that specializes in nerdy gifts and geeky goods.

KENSAI PRODUCTIONS PUBLICATIONS LLC has been publishing comics since 1997. Action/adventure stories for ages 7 and up. Based south of downtown Chicago.

KOFUKU ART STUDIO is a small creative brand with original and fan artworks inspired by Asian heritage and my love for anime, food, and all things cute.

LANCE FOOTER OF LOW VISION STUDIOS I was born with 2 things low vision, non corrected so I draw with a magnifying glass and an art talent I have been in the comic community for 9 years now done work for marvel trading cards and dynamite trading cards worked for Zenescope doing VIP sketchbook covers and ; covers for cavewoman comics and vampires of Nj I have done probably more than 50 indie covers in the past couple of years oh I was also a Para Athlete and hold 3National championships while tracing for TEAM USA as a cyclist

LEGEND OF SHELDA is a Memphis-based illustrator and graphic designer, creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs with a colorful and nerdy spin! Prints, stickers, buttons, hats, mystery items, and more!

LI-CHUN DO ART Hi! Do you like cute stickers and magical pottery? I'm an artist that got laid off from a corporate job and now looking to sell cute artisan stuff. 🙂

LOSTKEEP Matthew G. Lewis is an illustrator whose clients include Magic: The Gathering, Hi Rez Studios, and more. His work has also been featured in publications like Spectrum, 3x3, Infected by Art, and Centipede Press. He specializes in the fantastic and esoteric.

LULA COSPLAY makes Unique Ears and Tails, Menhera and Pastel Goth theme J Fashion Accessories! As well as cosplay accessories and New this season is Cottage Core and Witchy theme Hats and More!

MR FISH COMICS The fastest pen in indie comics, Mr Fish has illustrated 66 books in the last 5 years and helped raise over $100,000. Writer and illustrator of "Greenzone: Life In The Blocks" and "The Mighty KAAW The Crowmagnon".

MASTIFF MOCHI specializes in fantasy themed artwork, as well as pet themed merchandise. My art is available as art prints, custom commissions, enamel pins, and stickers!

NATALIE JACKSON is based in Chicago, but is originally from Mississippi and graduated from the Memphis College of Art. My work leans on the aesthetics of supernatural and mythological characters and tropes in Western canon and lore. I have a lot feminine rage to spare, so I try to channel all that anguish and power into beautiful, but foreboding illustrations.


OMNI WORLD COMICS I'm a big fan of superheroes and love creating stories and characters. I started my indy company Omni-WorldComics and self-published my comic book Power G. My teenage nephew Ja'Vieon is also a comics fan and creator and self-published his own book, the manga-inspired Oneiro.

PONDERPLACE GROVE aims to deliver a “voluntarily lost in the forest” feel. Curious creatures and mysterious flora and fauna are waiting to become a part of your home! We make plush mushrooms, decorative pillows, wall decor panels, stickers, and more with hand drawn art featured on most products. A bit chaotic, a bit enchanting. Where Curiosity Continues.

R LELAND ARTS I've always enjoyed the arts specifically western animation, comic books and anime. My goal is to capture that wonder in every piece I put together.

RED CROW COMICS is a comic book publishing house, featuring a unique group of characters for avid comic lovers. Our focus is to bring a new generation of storytelling to the masses, while taking the comic industry to newer heights.

RENEE'S LEGENDARY THINGS  sells and customizes tumblers, mugs, puzzles, coasters, mouse pads, and keychains on the spot.

ROBERT HENRY is an artist/writer/creator of the Indy comic Bad Candy and recently wrapped shooting in a short film based off of Bad Candy. Robert enjoys creating and publishing comics and plans to continue for many years to come.

ROBIN BURKS is an award-winning author and cosplayer. Her fifth book, The Dream Seeker, (from the Children of Magic series) just released this year. Robin, who currently lives in Missouri with her four cats, loves all things nerdy and has a serious obsession with Doctor Who and Star Wars.

SHANE LUTTRELL Mid-South artist, writer, and creator of sci-fi hero Suzie Steam. Thanks to the world of independent comics, Suzie and friends have fans and followers all around the globe.

SHAWN HOWE is a published freelance illustrator with over 12 covers to his credit. He specializes in "Stylized realism" portraits and pup culture illustrations.

SHANE MCDERMOTT COMICS & ILLUSTRATION - Shane is a comic creator and illustrator currently working in animation as a background artist. His clients include Bento Box Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Titmouse.


SKOOT STARNES Memphis based comic artist and co-creator of Broot Studios Comics along with brother/writer Brad Starnes.


STEPHEN FOX is an on-again, off-again, comic artist, working frequently with independent publishers. Like tidal wave comics, approbation press, Dream Pod 9, and others. After years of being a father to young children, he is dusting off the pencils to give this comic book thing a proper go.


STONED NINJA COMICS LLC Stoned Ninja follows the story of a ninja who discovers a mystical strain of cannabis that gives him super human abilities. The Stoned Ninja booth will have all the stories and cool gear based on the character Stoned Ninja!

SQUID KIDZ We are two sisters making custom designed stickers, accessories, and wall art. We design and make everything by hand, specializing in all things cute, funky and colorful.

STRESSED KITTY CRAFTS I crochet popular amigurumi stuffies that are really popular at Cons! I do all the crochet myself. I also sell vinyl stickers of my daughters’ art, including LGBTQ+ cat stickers!

TAYLOR BOWIE I'm a manga-style artist from New Orleans showcasing my work of recreating popular media from various fandoms across the country.


ART BY TAYLOR PARK Taylor is an artist and Korean food enthusiast from Memphis, TN. When not doodling, she can be found snuggled in the couch paying red dead redemption with her two cats and three dogs. “Bargain at Bravebank” by J.R. Frontera was the first book she illustrated, and has gone on to illustrate the second book in the ongoing series.

TC SOCKY is a graphic designer/illustrator who sells prints, stickers, pins, charms, buttons, and more! I make a lot of original character work as well as fan art for some of my favorite shows.

THESPUDWITHEYES is a college student majoring in Illustration. She sells prints and stickers of her artwork, and hopes that you’ll swing by her table if you’re a fan of animated TV shows from the 90s to now!

TIM CUE - Self pub comic artist. I will have my creator owned comics and art prints.

TITUS ILLUSTRATIONS is a young aspiring comic book artist who is pursuing their dreams.

TONY MAX is the artist and writer of Merrikah, The Golden Silence, and The Crimson Hand. Owner of Apollo Arts Tattoos and the sole workhorse of Memfamous Comics.

TRAVIS B HILL is the writer of TechnoKnights - the new super sentai comic from Dauntless Stories. He is also the writer and co-creator of Thorn - the new vigilante hero in the Advent Comics universe!


TREVOR FERNANDEZ LENKIEWICZ - POCKETWATCH PRESS is a young, up-and-coming writer and editor based out of New London, CT, known for his surgical eye for narrative. Trevor is driven to break down the mechanics of comic book storytelling and weave them through deeply personal, genre-bending stories. In his upcoming collection of short stories, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT: The Hour Between Life & Death, he takes large creative step, directing his artistic growth through a plethora of genre comics.


VIRGO & AIRES ART Just two girls making art, man. You like anime, video game, book, and/or kpop/kdrama references? We got you.

vyvyjtran Hello! My name is Vyvy Tran and I make cute and bubbly illustrations and stickers! A lot of my art is either inspired by anime I enjoy or nature! I’m very fond of ocean waves and you can see a lot of them used as motifs in my art.

THE WASHI STATION is an online shop that works with diverse independent artists to produce unique and cute washi tape and other stationery goods, all while paying our creators fairly!

ART OF WILLIAM RUSSELL  is a published comic cover artist and illustrator with over five years experience and over 70 published covers from Image comics to Dynamite Comics to Indie projects.